WP .XML Test Data Import

If you have read any of my previous posts about the mighty WordPress, then you might be able to work out I am a big fan! Very true indeed! Infact 99% of the sites I have done use it. When creating a design I won’t build it into WordPress from the start, main reason is that I can concentrate fully on the HTML/CSS code and not have to worry about PHP loops, etc. Much simpler!

I use Lorem Ipsum to generate text to bulk out my design and give me a more realistic feel of how it will look live, which is great. When I come to integrating the site into the WordPress CMS I end up left with a kind of ‘blank canvas’ containing just the default ‘Hello World’ post! Having to continuously create fake posts/categories/tags/comments to check it all works within WP is well, Very Frustrating :(

For anyone else who has the same problem as me, this ones for you. Download the .XML linked below and import this into your WordPress installation and problem is sorted, the .XML will import the following:

  • 5 Pages, with full content
  • 10 Posts, with content, including Tags, Categories and Excerpt
  • 21 Unique Tags
  • 11 Unique Categories
  • 10 Unique Comments, including several from the ‘Tester’ user (Administrator)
  • 7 Default Links
  • 1 Post (under category ‘Bullet List’) contains a Bullet List
  • 1 Post (under category ‘Numbered List’) contains a Numbered List
  • Various Lengths on each posts content and title

If you are not familiar with Importing an .XML file into WordPress then follow this quick guide (based on the 2.6 version of WP)

  1. Unzip the .XML from the downloaded archive
  2. Log into your WP administration area (http://www.sitename/wp-admin)
  3. Select Manage from the main menu
  4. From the Manage sub-menu, select Import
  5. You will be provided with a list of Blog types you wish to import from, select WordPress from the bottom of the list
  6. Next select Browse
  7. Locate to the .XML you downloaded from the link below, select Okay
  8. Finally, select Upload File and Import

Any problems let me know, but should be fairly straight forward! Finally here is the download link:

Download: WordPress XML Import | Help spread this post by Digging It

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