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…it doesnt have MMS

The most annoying thing is that, although it can take, even edit  (thanks to certain apps) photos, it lacks the ability to send them to my mates via MMS. Fair enough, I could still take a snap and Email to a friend, or maybe even upload to my Facebook for everyone to see, but there have been many times where I have needed this function.

Fortunately I am not alone on this, the guys over at have developed a Web App for the iPhone which will allow you to send MMS, but unfortunately it isn’t free. They also have an actually Application in the works which will no doubt soon be appearing on the iTunes App Store. I have a few friends who have used this service to date and they have confirmed it does work.

…I still cannot get new ringtones because I’m from the U.K!

I am someone who likes a different ringtone each week, my song tastes are changing so frequently that my iPhone needs to keep up. If you have ever tried to create a Ringtone in iTunes, you may have experienced the following error message…

According to Apple, this is not because of a Network Connection, but in fact due to the fact I live in the UK and ringtones aren’t availble for me. Six months after first noticing this error, I am still no further on! If it hadn’t been for a great bit of software called iToner, my iPhone would still be blurting out that same noise that would of eventually led me to insanity.

…the Battery life ain’t pretty!

Now a decent Battery life is essential to any decent gadget! I will admit, since upgrading to the 3G version, the battery life seemed better, but not great! I am finding myself nervously worried about using any of the newer features like the built in GPS, purely because it sucks the life out of the thing! this leads me onto my four and final moan of the day…

…the Google Maps doesn’t auto move to the next direction!

This isn’t major as I don’t really use the Maps app unless in emergency travel situations, but it frustrates me because Google should have thought its users would need this feature. For example, If you are driving and you have your iPhone nicely cradled on your cars dashboard showing you where your heading, the last thing you would want to do it have to click the -> arrow everytime you want to see the next turn, because this is dangerous! The location based service should automatically move to the next set of instructions allowing you to concetrate on the driving side of things.

…now I’m tired and off to bed :)

Well I am tired now so I’m gonna end here, for today anyway! Okay Okay, this may seem like a negative post, and for any people reading who have been umming and arring about whether or not to get an iPhone, please don’t let this put you off! This truely is the best phone! and the pro’s outway the negs by sooooo many! But these are a few things that I feel let the side down on Apple’s end. So come on Jobs get it sorted!

Finally, I came across an interesting site whilst writing this post, which is, which shows me that I am not the only one. The site, based around its users submissions, focuses on how the iPhone could be ‘fixed’, check it out if you are an iPhone user with issues. I personally don’t think the iPhone needs fixing at all, I would probably have called the site or something along that line! Anyway’s let me know what you think about the iPhone and if you want me to add anything onto this post. Woop!

Posted by Stu Greenham

Stu Greenham is a Web Designer / Developer who lives in Hull (North East England) and works for the web agency.


  1. I prefer the Blackberry – but I am a dinosaur!

  2. iphone downloads…

    Great post. Gives me what I have been looking for…

  3. Hi Stu,

    If you’re wanting to beta test / review the native version of before it hits the App Store… let me know :)


  4. battery life…

    (Blogger now has backlinks – very similar to the trackback feature in Movable Type. One notable blogging tool that does not support…

  5. You can subscribe to my feed in the top right corner of this page :)

  6. iPhone downloads site…

    Is there any way I can subscribe to your blog? Thanks!…

  7. @Neil – I know they are working on improving the service, I was reading a blog from the guy who made it and he said he was struggling as he is only just breaking even on each mms sent, The Google thing, well yeah disabling or maybe an option to still beep but not pop up on screen when in Navigation mode.

    @Leslie – I have looked into this but for O2 in the UK they do not seem to have one, or I cannot find it anywere :(

    Thanks for both of your posts :D appreciated!

  8. it’s not the best solution, but if you really needed to get a picture to someone’s phone, you could send it to their phone’s email address. Every phone has one, it just varies by provider. For AT&T, it’s

  9. I have also used the solution and it does work most of the time. Had a few instances to begin with where the picture messages would not send.

    With Google Maps, I sometimes plan a route with a list of directions and then have that displayed on screen while driving to glance at – the same way you would with TomTom. However, it’s annoying when an SMS comes through and appears on screen. Wish there was a way to disable the SMS alert in this instance.

  10. @Dan – thanks for your comments! I don’t think I would jailbreak my iPhone really, due to the fact I know something would go wrong with it and I would have to fork out for a new one :(

    I tried a method for creating ringtones but found it wasn’t as good as iToner, which i fully recommend getting, you can continue to use it in Trial mode so it is free and its totally legit way of getting new ringtones.

    Re: the battery, well I guess your right! when I don’t use it to much throughout the day the battery is fine! I hope your right about the Maps rumour, would be something I would use alot more if it had this feature!

    If you want to write a post for the site about possible solutions that would be fab, let me know buddy :)

  11. Meant to say: if you’d like I can write a post on the solutions to these things to go into more detail. I’m going to JailBreak my iPhone over the next couple of days…

  12. Good read, I thought I’d offer a couple of pointers that might make you love your iPhone even more!


    If you JailBreak your iPhone (a totally reversable, simple process) there’s an app called SwirlyMMS that you can install. I used an earlier version, and it’s a nice way of enabling MMS.


    I would never buy a ringtone from the iTunes store! There’s a fairly simple process you can use to create ringtones in iTunes using your existing music, and for free!

    Battry Life:

    Can’t help too much on this one, but I would say that the iPhone’s battery isn’t that bad when you consider what you’re doing with it. Use less features = better battery life. Use the phone to its full potential, it’s going to drain quicker. Inescapable really.

    There are a number of mobile chargers available these days that can help though.


    Rumour has it that a future firmware update will enable turn by turn GPS directions, as the current firmware can’t do it. Once this is switched on, the door should be open for Google, TomTom and anyone else to create navigation apps. That is, assuming Apple will let them; there’s a clause in Apple’s terms and conditions, I believe, that says navigation apps are a no-no.

  13. Sorry Anca, I hardly let it leave my side let alone giving it away :P but if I was to give it away you’d be the one!

    I just went for the 8gb, I don’t really use it as an iPod as again the battery life and I have an iPod Classic which is 160gb. Personally I don’t see much difference between the 8/16gb because on my 8gb I have tonnes of apps installed and I still have loads of room for songs/videos etc.

    Go on Anca, treat yourself! Twitter on the go! woop

  14. i love your iPhone too! can I has it?

    how big of a memory does your phone have? Do you think it matters a lot if it’s 8 GB or 16 GB? Besides the storing option, is anything else influenced by the memory capacity?


  15. Nicely put Graham! and don’t worry I’ve been working on the (Nerd)Press post tonight, I’m just bit slow with words, and want it to be good for ya :D

    Do you think it needs Copy and Paste, I think it doesn’t althought been able to resend texts or forward texts on to another would be handy!

    For productivity though, definately helped! and been able to access the web/my emails anywere, well I don’t know what I would do without it now!

  16. So…
    I hope this post has not taken time away from writing for WAJC??!?!?! Hmmm??? lol

    Anywho, agree with everything, and most people Im sure would also. Hard not to really. The MMS is a pretty silly thing for them to have excluded.

    Battery life sucks, even tho i turn off everything except 3G and everything is optimised.

    NO folder structure is pretty silly as well, find the finder.

    NOt being able to save texts… yada yada yada.

    But I love it and it HAS made a difference to my working day. So there


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