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This post is long overdue I know, but I thought I would share the latest goings on in the land of (Nerd)Press, which is that version 1.0 is officially released onto the web for all you WordPress fans to download and use should you want to!

My original aim was to get this out much earlier and for anyone following my progress on the theme, well, you may have thought it was never gonna be released! I guess I have been nervously putting off the release, with it been my first theme for release I have been worrying about the kind of response it was going to get from everyone. Lucky enough, to date, I have had 110 downloads via this link (cheeky plug right there), and I am delighted to say that feedback has been wicked! Thank you for your kind words and feedback and thanks to the few Twitter peeps who nicely tested the theme out before its release!

So…whats next for (Nerd)Press?

Well good question! I am going to hold off for a little while just see how the feedback continues, and wether or not any bugs appear, then the aim is to start integrating more features such as Gravatar support as well as several other more popular WordPress themes. I also am going to tweak a whole bunch of different color schemes, something which was actually recommended to me that I thought would be a great idea. If you have any color specific versions you would like to see then please leave your comments for me, as well as any features you would like to see / think (Nerd)Press is currently missing.

(Nerd)Press on Twitter

Thats right, (Nerd)Press has its very own Twitter account which can be found at so make sure you follow me to find out the updates as and when they happen. You can also contact me at

Thats all I’m going to say for now, but thank you again to anyone who has downloaded my theme and / or left me feedback! If you have yet to try out the theme then make sure you visit for more details as well as a working live demo of the theme itself!

Version 1.02 has been released, fixing one or two minor issues/bugs, please upgrade from if you have experienced any issues. Thanks again!

Posted by Stu Greenham

Stu Greenham is a Web Designer / Developer who lives in Hull (North East England) and works for the web agency.


  1. Got it work finally!! Was having the “missing stylesheet” issue.

    If I download the files and drag the entire folder onto the ftp space, it does upload everything but displays the template as if the style sheet is missing.

    However, if I manually create a folder in my WP-Content directory and call it “Nerdpress” and then upload the files and folders in bundles, once complete and the theme is activated, it works!!!

    Thanks Stu

  2. wow this is Awesome, I tried it on my test blog and it’s simply the cleanest, most useful and beautiful theme! Thanks for giving us a piece of your great creativity, really .


    1. @Ryuhack – Thanks mate! Glad to hear the theme is going down well! :)

  3. @Breezilla – v1.02 has been released, please give this a go and see if it fixes the number of posts displaying. I have tested my end and works fine. Also there were zero errors uploading and activating the theme. Please see my notes regarding the image display in response to your open issue on Google Code here ( ). If you can confirm either on here or via Twitter that would be great, thank you for helping me figure this problem out.

  4. ugh, I figured out how to get all the aforementioned issues worked, out but I can’t any “next page” links to work. I’ve got the links put on the page but it always reverts back to the homepage when clicked. any suggestions?

  5. Woot! I’ll give this a try as soon as I get home.

  6. the same applies to videos.

  7. One last question for Stu, is there anyway to display images on the front page? Only the first post on mine is showing up or is there maximum dimensions or somthing?

  8. For those of you who are having issues I made it work. Don’t know why the changes I made made it work, but this is what I did. I downloaded both the v1 and v1.1 and uploaded both of them via FTP, but I changed the the folder on v.1.1 from nerdpress_v1 (which is also the title of the v1) to nerdpress_v1.1 and now all works well.

  9. Hey Stu…Thanks for working on this. Im using Firefox, the latest version and WP 2.7.

  10. I really wanted to use this theme because I’m doing a kinda presentation of my blog tomorrow. I’m using the latest version of firefox & wordpress (my host uses cPanel), and both versions say the stylesheet is missing. Just like Shannon, I get the 404 error when go to the url where the stylsheet should be and when I open the style sheet in a text editor it’s all cramped and not laid out like other stylesheets (don’t know if this has anything to do with the issue). Please get this working, I’m really anxious to use it :(

  11. @Shannon & @cbuck – Hi Guys, I have been testing the theme and its working fine my end, are you guys able to supply me with your details, ie browser and versions etc and I’ll try them too?

  12. Thanks Stu!!

  13. @Shannon & @cbuck – Thanks for your messages, and apologies for the bug, I am working on the issue and should have an update out asap to sort it for you guys! I will keep you posted, very strange indeed! I tried and tested this release majorly lol

  14. Second to my previous message, for some reason the stylesheet is not seen even though it is uploaded on the server. If I type the direct url to the style.css file it doesn’t show the code. I have tried it on different ftp accounts on different domains and same issue happens. Very strange.

  15. Hi Stu

    I am having same problem as Shannon. Theme didn’t work in previous version of wordpress and now I have upgraded to latest WP and like Shannon, on the preview of the theme it’s just text. All files are installed on my server including the CSS file (14k).

  16. For the life of me, I don’t know what’s wrong. I deleted all the files. Downloaded it again and uploaded it and still no luck. For the life of me…oh, I said that already…

  17. @Shannon – just had a look, it looks like your stylesheet is missing, its currently looking here for it…

    but this shows as not found, check that all the files were definately uploaded?

  18. Here’s the site with the theme activated:

  19. Sigh. No luck! I want it! Oh well, it’s a great theme. Just my bad luck. Cheers.

  20. @Shannon – Very strange! well I haven’t had anyone else mention this problem as of yet, but the theme is pretty new tbh. I might have to try a fresh install on my development area and see if I get the same problem. Let me know if disabling any plugins sort out the problem so I can fix this bug. Thanks for letting me know!

  21. That was quick! When I went to activate it in WordPress, instead of seeing the theme preview, all I see is a solid block of text without any of the theme code. I’ve been testing WordPress themes all day and this is the only one that has done it. Um,,let me try deactivating some plugins.

  22. @Shannon – Thanks for the kind words! The demo over at is actually running on WP 2.7.1 and its all good, so not sure why your experiencing problems? what way isn’t it working?

  23. Love the theme! For some reason it’s not working for WP 2.7. Or is it just me?

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