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Ego AppI came across an interesting application today for my iPhone, called Ego. It gives you up to date stats from your Google Analytics, Feedburner, Mint, Squarespace and Twitter accounts all in one neat little Application. The interface is really cool, and slick looking and its very simple to use.

From the settings page, you add a new ‘Widget’ which then gives you the option of which account you want to setup, for example, Google Analytics. From here you enter your account details and save, at which point you will get a nice colourful box on the main app screen which will show your accont details.

For me this is great, I have Ego setup to show my Analytics stats for as well as my SC feedburner figures and also my main Twitter account.

The default view for the Analytics Widget shows you your page views for that current day, which once tapped, moves onto show you your views for yesterday, then for the week, then for the month, and finally the year. On the left hand side of the box, you also get a unique visitors figure which is handy. I much prefer this app to the Analytics application, because it simplifies things down! When I am on the move I don’t need to see all my Analytic stats, seeing my page views is enough for me.

Moving onto the Feedburner widget, you are shown a figure that is your number of subscribers which is also joined with an arrow to show you if this figure is down or up on yesterdays figure. If you tap this figure then you get the difference in subscribers from that of yesterday (for example, +2).

Finally, for the Twitter widget, it shows you your latest tweet, and also how many followers you currently have. Once again if you tap this number, it changes, in this case to the number of people you are following, if you tap on it once more you see your total number of tweets to date :)

Anyways, I hope I have explained it simple enough! The app is well worth the £1.19 price tag on the App store! check it out by clicking here [App Store Link]

** UPDATE 18/07/09 – An Ego update was released today allowing you to now track your Google Page Ranking right from your iPhone **

Posted by Stu Greenham

Stu Greenham is a Web Designer / Developer who lives in Hull (North East England) and works for the web agency.