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I am going to start a set of weekly posts that will show you my favourite links I have found, been sent or have used myself at some point. Please, if you have time to take a few minutes to help spread my posts using the share links at the bottom of the page I would be very greatful! Right heres my #1 set of links….

New Growl Styles

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Christopher Lobay has posted two new notification styles for the popular Mac app Growl which can be downloaded for free.

Growl Notification Styles

10 Fresh Must Read Blogs For Creatives

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InspiredMag have posted a great article showcasing 10 ‘Must Read’ blogs that are great for us ‘Creatives’. There are some great reads here and lots of useful resources worth bookmarking.

10 Must Read Creative Blogs


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A very clever site built in Flash that lets you build a robot (Cool I know) and then bust some moves with it to a nice dance beat. Give it a try, very cooly designed!

Build a Robot

35 CSS-based Layouts that Look Awesome

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Nettuts+ posted a article showcasing 35 awsum CSS based websites! Another great article to bookmark for inspiration at a later date. There is a whole range of differently styled sites here so something for everyone.

35 CSS Based Websites

Outstanding Website Background Guide: 60+ Impressive Resources

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Noupe’s article on Website Background’s offers tonnes of great links and resources for getting the perfect website background. There are plenty of Tutorials, Texture Packs and Links where you can get loads of free background tiles/images.

Outstanding Website Background Guide: 60+ Impressive Resources

30 Website Navigations that Make You Wanna Click It

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Web Design Ledger (One of my favourite subscribed to websites) posted this awesome article showcasing 30 Websites with class Navigation menu’s. A great post and really good source of inspiration when building a design concept.

30 Website Navigations

Hacked STOP Signs

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Great set of Stop Sign’s that have been modified and there are some funny ones! My favourite is “STOP! Hammertime!”.

Hacked Stop Signs

Rio Ferdinand Online Magazine

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Not design related but a cool site anyways. Footballer Rio Ferdinand has started an online magazine which is a great read. He interviews different celebs each edition and covers alot of general stuff.

Rio Ferdinand Magazine

24 Ways: CSS Animations

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Tim Van Damme posted this cool article on 24ways about CSS Animations, showing you how to create one yourself. A great read and this is definately going to be something that we will start to see more and more of.

CSS Animations

7 Open Source And Free URL Shortener Scripts To Create Your Own

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Web Resource Depot posted this article reviewing 7 open source URL Shortener scripts that are all free. I went for Yourls myself but a handy link for anyone else wanting to get on the URL Shortening bandwagon :)

URL Shortener Scripts

Posted by Stu Greenham

Stu Greenham is a Web Designer / Developer who lives in Hull (North East England) and works for the web agency.