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Time again for another round of fun and exciting links! We have free fonts, tutorials for image replacement, inspirational blog designs, comedy moustache mugs and a few more! If you have any you want featuring on next weeks roundup then let me know via Twitter (via @stugreenham).

Moustache Mugs!

Visit Source: http://www.peteribruegger.com

Safe to say this is on my next to buy list! I will no doubt be the coolest kid at work! Just need help deciding which one to go for?

Mug Shots

20 Super Clean Fonts Perfect for Minimal Style Design

Visit Source: http://webdesignledger.com

Web Design Ledger posted this great article showcasing 20 great font’s that are especially good for minimalistic designs. Another great point to make is they are all free! Go Nuts…

20 Clean Fonts

Chomp iPhone App

Visit Source: http://chompapps.com

A new iPhone App that attempts to take on Apple’s app store genius feature. Called Chomp, it is based around giving you app recommendations based on the reviews you give other apps. Probably not the best explanation their but its free so give it a try!

Chomp iPhone App

Nine Techniques for CSS Image Replacement

Visit Source: http://css-tricks.com

Chris Coyier wrote this great tutorial article I came across looking at nine techniques for CSS Image Replacement. I myself was only aware of a couple of these so its good read for anyone who actively uses this technique to freshen up on possibly better methods of doing the same thing.

9 Image Replacement Techniques

Better html anchor, a jquery script to slide the scrollbar

Visit Source: http://www.position-absolute.com

Great jQuery script that gives you a smooth page jump anchor effect replacing the standard jump to links. This is really cool and you will probably have seen in on various sites around, well now you can use it on your site too.

jQuery Anchor Script

50 Most Amazing Beautiful Blog Designs

Visit Source: http://creativenerds.co.uk

Creative Nerds posted this article showcasing 50 inspirational blog designs. Some great sites here and one to keep on record when your looking for some inspiration yourself!

50 Amazing Blog Designs

30 Gorgeous iPhone App Interfaces & Icons

Visit Source: http://iphone.appstorm.net

The Appstorm guys posted this article last week and for an aspiring future iPhone app developer (nice title indeed) its a keeper! The post looks at 30 apps all look amazing! Not only good for inspiration but there are some good apps I didn’t know about here so take a look!

30 Gorgeous iPhone App Interfaces & Icons

Right thats it for this week but be sure to check back next week! Tweet me @stugreenham if you find any interesting articles that I can use or you think is interesting and I will take a look!

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