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It seems like everyone is now connected by some form of social network, people are sharing a colossal amount of data between each other over sites such as Twitter and FaceBook.

With this potential reach, allowing users to easily share web pages they come across is a very beneficial idea. This blog runs on the WordPress CMS so adding social link sharing functionality can be done easily with various plugins.

If you are not on a CMS with easily available plugins and want to share links, you can use traditional links to send your page details to the respective sites. Its very easy to do, here is how to do it for the popular social networks.

Note: I was in two minds as to publish this post, there are many plugins for WordPress that can do this, and its VERY simple to implement. At the same time it may help someone out there, so here you have it…


Sharing to Twitter involves some limitations as the character count is only 140 and if your sharing a URL which is particularly long then you may want to look into incorporating’s API to auto shrink before sending your user over to Twitter or they will have to do this manually which defeats the object of ‘quick’ sharing links.

Regardless of this sharing to Twitter is very straight forward and all you have to do is link to the following:

[php]<a href=" GOES HERE" title="Share to Twitter">Share to Twitter</a>[/php]

Lets give it a try then! Click on the link and you should be taken to Twitter where the status box is already filled in: Share to Twitter


Next up is Facebook and again its fairly straight forward using a very similar method. For Facebook links you must specify a URL and a Title of the item you are sharing. Lets say we want to share a page called “The Design Woop Blog” and link it to then we would use the following format:

[php]<a href=";t=The Design Woop Blog" title="Share to Facebook">Share to Facebook</a>[/php]

Again lets try out the following link and see what happens… Share to Facebook


Digg has a rather slick sharing app, simply pass the URL to the app and it will pull the title and description automatically, if you like you can edit this before you submit it.

The code looks like:

[php]<a href="">Share to Digg</a>[/php]

See it in action – Share to Digg


The future of Delicious is perhaps a little debatable, it still is a great tool to organise your bookmarks and share links.  Include the code below for a share link to Delicious, you can parameters such as the URL, title and notes to the Delicious link sharer app.

[php]<a href=";amp;title=CSS, HTML, jQuery, CSS3&amp;notes=add your notes here, shubba!">Share to Delicious</a>[/php]

See it in action – Share to Delicious


StumbleUpon is very straight forward, simply pass your desired URL and title through the link and there you have it, a very simple and very straight forward way to share your link with a ton of people.

[php]<a href="{LINK URL}&amp;title={PAGE TITLE}">Share to StumbleUpon</a>[/php]

See it in action – Share to StumbleUpon

Posted by David Martin

David Martin is a WordPress developer & entrepreneur from the UK. He owns DesignWoop, CardDsgn and WhoDesignToday. Catch up with David on Twitter.