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  1. Nice post however oit would be more useful if you didn’t do your code sections as images. it makes this difficult for those of us with high DPI monitors as it does not scape correctly as with normal text.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Next time I’ll include both. It’s hard to find the best way to display code.

      Check the demo, all code is there.


  2. Very nice article. Rather helpful, thank you for posting it. Not sure the error message is suitable though. Takes away from the real clean and crisp design of the login box itself. Otherwise, its awesome, thanks!

    1. Hi Bryce,

      Good point re the error message. Never really thought much into it, but now it I see what you mean!


  3. Nice addition of modern techniques to spice up the traditional login form… Great article!

  4. Good stuff. Very clean and useful. Thanks!

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