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A business card design is a tiny, but hugely important piece of branding for your business, business card design allows designers to flex their creativity as often the business cards are the lasting impression first impression a new client may have of your brand. Business cards make a lasting impression so it is important to invest your time and creativity when making yours, check out these clever and unique business cards from May 2011.

Mr Dipaolo

Paper Saw Blades

Cambell Raw Press

Terra Dawn

Evan Hecox



Fidelio Photography

Sparkfly Photography

Peris & Corr

Jeff Hodson

Alex Taylor

Catherine Jenkins

Antony Wilcock

Point Form

Elizabeth O’Brien



Cathy L Daly

Adam Cox

Machine Box

Posted by David Martin

David Martin is a WordPress developer & entrepreneur from the UK. He owns DesignWoop, CardDsgn and WhoDesignToday. Catch up with David on Twitter.


  1. Despite the fact that there are numerous business cards designs on this site, the one by Antony Wilcock really bowled me over. I shall revisit this site to check out additions.

    1. Agreed, its an awesome card. There are all great business cards.

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