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Sticker Mule have been kind enough to giveaway $200 worth of vouchers to 3 lucky DesignWoop readers, 3 lucky readers will be chosen at random in one months time, the first randomly selected winner will receive a $100 voucher and the next two randomly selected people will each get a $50 voucher.

What is Sticker Mule?

Sticker Mule print custom stickers, die cut stickers and laptop skins, you can order pretty much any shape or size sticker and even select skins for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Kindle – The choice of options id endless.

Full color printing:

Sticker Mule print with full color, which helps perfectly match high resolution photos.

Free shipping:

Sticker Mule ship all US orders for free using UPS ground service.

Premium vinyl:

Sticker Mule stickers are made from the best, highest quality materials. Sticker Mule additionally use an extra thick 6 mm vinyl with a sturdy paper backing.

How to enter

Re-Tweet and comment on this post with your Twitter username.

Posted by David Martin

David Martin is a WordPress developer & entrepreneur from the UK. He owns DesignWoop, CardDsgn and WhoDesignToday. Catch up with David on Twitter.


  1. Stickers Stickers Everywhere

  2. I tweeted this giveaway as @sarebstare

    slbastin at gmail dot com

  3. I’m thinking of some sticker designs right now. This could get interesting…

  4. Strange – someone sent me a Sticker Mule link just yesterday, love the stickers and iPad/Phone covers.

  5. I love the DIY BIO stickers! Amazing design work as well as the printing. Here is my username for the giveaway as well: JakeCulp

    1. Thanks Jake, the Bio stickers are great, I must order/create some just to stick over my desk… :)

  6. Ordered some custom stickers based on my logo a few months back, and absolutely love them. I will definitely buy from them in the future! :D

    1. Agree, their products look really good. Might make some random stickers up for fun!

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