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Today there are a wide selection of collaboration apps that allow for multiple designers or large teams to collaborate efficiently on a single project. Working remotely, or working with distributed staff can cause a few headaches when trying to collaborate effectively on a project.

The collaboration apps I have listed could help in various different phases of the designer’s work, hopefully you find these useful in improving your collaboration work-flow.

There are apps, as Filesq, Cage, and Draftboard, that keep track of mockups and guide all the team through the approval’s process. There are apps, such as Cozimo, that allow you to work on video, or Fontstruct, to build fonts, or Creately, to draw diagrams, or even IdeaScale, which is super useful for brainstorming.

There are tools that help in sketching your design mockup or getting feedback on a project. Other useful design web apps help you in choosing colors. All the collaboration apps let you share the work and communicate easily with clients or other co-workers.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

FileSquare helps you to create interactive mock-up. It’s also possible to add note on the design.
With FileSquare you can share your work with developers and others designers, show it to clients and collect feedback with clear annotations in real time. This application could also performs usability test with mobile interactive mockups. It offers a free trial.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

With Skitch you can mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and web pages. The next step is to share the documents, and it’s really simple. There are endless possibilities to the use of the application. For example, Skitch can be used to identify a point of interest on a map, or to draw a sketch, edit it, and send it over Twitter and email.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

It’s a collaborative tool that let designers share their work. You can upload images or videos, create to-do lists, manage and assign tasks, organize revisions.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

This is another good application, with a simple interface, that lets easy upload of multiple file types. It makes easy the process of approving mockups between client and creative people. The app lets people to add comments and notes directly to the drafts, share the drafts, create to-do list.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Dribbble is a collaborative application, but in its own way. The app create a sort of social network that connect designers all over the world. Designers upload and share snapshots of their work with this easy-to-use application. As in other social network, it’s possible to leave opinions on the snapshots. Anyway, it is impossible to join and post shots without an invitation from someone that is already a member of Dribble.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Scribblar is an application used mainly by teachers, students and schools, but it is interesting also for designers. In short, it’s a whiteboard tool that can be share. To communicate users can choose the chat or live audio. In the end this app create a classroom, or lab, where it is possible to share ideas and show revisions. The app is absolutely free.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

ConceptShare is very good for share files and communicate. It’s a fast tool to collaborate on creative work online. Designers in different places could work together by uploading documents, commenting on them, and receiving receive feedback.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Do you want to add notes to videos? Cozimo is the perfect application. Obviously, it is also possible to add notes to images and organize virtual interactive meetings in which team review projects.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

It may happen to need an infographics, maybe for a presentations. Piktochart can be useful to design a professional, but quick, infographic. It has a powerful, very good, editor and more than 50 design themes. It offers a free trial.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

To make a team collaborate in the best way it may become necessary to share images. Marquees do this with a simple drag n’ drop move. There are many other features, all interesting and essential in this kind of applications.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Images, photos, MS Office documents get uploaded fast with Canvasdropr. The name of the app tells how it works: you “drop” on the “canvas”, as it were a blank sheet of paper ready to be filled. The interface is very simple and friendly to navigate.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Conceptboard looks a bit like Scribblar, but it is a bigger, more professional application. It offers the typical collaboration tools, as the possibility to draw freehand, to upload a document, image or other file, to edit them, to share ideas and files and to collaborate.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Photos, cards, posters, calendars, stickers, iPad Cases, prints, texts and illustrations can be uploaded to RedBubble. The app works as a huge board where other people could watch other people’ work. But RedBubble goes the extra mile and allow users to sell their creations, and buy pieces of art produced by other members.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

This is a classical app that works well with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. People can share ideas and collaborate at projects, using images, PDF, and PPT. The interface is modern, beautiful, user-friendly. It allows to exchange notes with people from anywhere and set different levels of permissions for the other creative people.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

This application let users build their lettering using a grid tool and geometric shapes. Than the user can generate a True Type font that is compatible with Windows or Mac application. Overall, it’s quite easy to build a personalized font and share it with others.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Designers should have a lot of good ideas. Why not to try a bit of brainstorming, involving co-workers everywhere? If you are heading for bright, creative ideas, IdeaScale is the perfect application. It can improve the generation of new ideas, comments, opinions. IdeaScale offers a suggestion box software and a platform to share, vote and discuss feedback.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

This app is like a bulletin board, or Stixyboard, where you and your team may upload images, files, notes or photos. People can add comments but also share files, and even more at this basic, simple app. The good thing of Stixy is its high flexibility.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Creately is a tool to create diagrams in a straightforward manner. It is possible to draw and connect different objects, like rectangles and ellipses, to create flowcharts, network diagrams, organizational charts, sitemaps. Other features include real-time collaboration, project management, one click publishing and team management.

Color Scheme Designer

20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Color Scheme Designer is a guide to color combinations that work together well. It is very quick and easy to use and there is just one click to see the preview of the combination.


20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Asana is the shared task list for your team. The place to plan, organize & stay in sync.

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