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If you’re into Photography or digital effects then you’ll love this collection of tutorials. Each one is geared towards a unique effect or digital concept for retouching photographs. Both digital photos or scanned copies work perfectly and produce very similar results.

Even if you’ve never retouched a photo in your life, these guides can help you get started. By studying from people with experience you can learn plenty of great techniques. All it requires is a bit of patience and perseverance! By following these guides you can learn some amazing effects with just a few weeks of study and practice.

Combine a Crocodile and a Frog

combine crocodile frog photoshop tutorial howto

Retouch Lipstick

replace retouch woman lipstick photo effects

Restore Heavily Damaged Photo

howto tutorial heavily damaged photos restore

Apply Color Effect to a Photo

apply color effect photo howto tutorial

Level Out a Crooked Photo

straighten level out crooked photo photoshop

Retouch a Bland Model Portrait

retouch bland model portrait photoshop

Creating Light/Lomo Effects

light lomo photoshop tutorial effect

Enhance Photos with a Pen Tablet

photo enhance pen tablet tutorial howto

Realistic Makeup

retouching photo editing realistic makeup

Mixer Brush Tool Tutorial

photoshop tutorial mixer brush tool cleanup

How to Smooth Skin

howto tutorial photoshop smooth skin

Turn Photos into Cinematic Portraits

howto tutorial photoshop regular portraits into cinematic

Reduce Digital Noise

reduce digital noise photograph photoshop

Professional Photo Restoration Workflow

professional photoshop restoration photograph

Making Sense of the Warp Tool

making sense photoshop warp tool effect

Realistic Falling Snow Effect

add realistic snow effect photo photoshop

Dramatic Rain Effect

add dramatic rain photo editing photoshop

Swapping Faces in Photoshop

howto tutorial swap faces in photoshop

Radial Blur Action Effect

adobe photoshop radial blur action effect

Miniature Tilt-Shift

mini tilt shift effect photoshop cs6

Ghosting an Image

ghosting an image in photoshop cs6 tutorial

Colorizing Images with Gradients

color colorize photograph gradient map photoshop

Blend Photos like a Movie Poster

blend photo hollywood movie poster design inspiration

Simulate Film Grain

simulate emulate film grain create photoshop tutorial

Blur Streaks Effect

blur streak effect photoshop tutorial howto

Radial Filter

radial filter vignette effect photoshop tutorial

Radial Zoom Enhanced Eyes

radial zoom photoshop enhanced eyes effect tutorial

How To Mimic Studio Lighting

howto mimic studio lighting effect stylish portraits

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