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A surge of popular mobile applications have built greater demand from audiences around the world. This leaves a giant chasm of work for the most talented interface designers. But in order to design relatable interfaces you need to know what people are looking for – and more importantly, how people interact with their smartphone or tablet device.

This gallery includes 36 outstanding and recent examples of iOS user interface mockups. iPhone applications are still a primary focus of designers and developers. But the iPad has come up quickly with a lot of games and digital suites released on both devices. If you need some creative iOS-styled UI inspiration scan over the examples listed below.

Cupcake Baking App

iphone app ui design baking inspiration

Music Player

ios iphone music player app ui design

Gibbon App

gibbon iphone app user interface

Volv iOS7

volv app iphone ios 7 ui

Celebrity Profile

celebrity profile interface design mobile

Abacus Mockup

abacus iphone app ui design

Confirmation Code Screen

register confirmation screen code app ui

Gabby Chat Screen

gabby chat interface ui design screen


livingsocial screen dribbble design ui


iphone app interface charts analytics traffic

Left Menu for iOS

retail store app left menu slideout ios


photostream app iphone ui design

Retail App UITabBar

ui tab bar icons interface retail store app

UWM University App

university of milwaukee application iphone ui

Cyber Dust Redesign

cyber dust redesign flat iphone app

Recipe Feed

ios cooking app ui recipes feed

Profile Screen

iphone app profile screen design ui inspiration

Joke Beat

joke beat app iphone ui design

Groupon App Redesign

groupon sales iphone app ui design example

Dark Weather UI

dark black white weather iphone app ui

Simple Profile

iphone app dark user profile screen interface

WTE iPhone App

iphone app purple ui tab bar icons interface

Music Concerts

music concert app ui design interface

Baddo for iPad

badoo user interface profile design app ipad

Calendar Event

ipad tablet interface dashboard create calendar event

Flatter Mobile

flatter mobile white clean interface iphone app

Soccer iPad App

soccer ipad app interface ui design

iPad Cash Register

ipad app ui cash register design

UI Animation

app interface new food diet animation design

Flat Dashboard

flat dashboard user interface ipad

Flyout Navigation

tatts app flyout navigation mockup design

CRM Dashboard

flat ipad dashboard crm interface

Personal Photo App

personal photo app design ui ipad

Shopping Cart

ipad ios app interface shopping cart

Video Editing App

rush ios ipad video editing app ui

Event View

essen event view app ui design

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a freelance writer, designer, and illustrator. He currently writes articles on user experience design and web development techniques. You can check out his work on Dribbble and follow his tweets @jakerocheleau.