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Artists on Dribbble like to publish their user experience ideas in the form of GIF animations. These interfaces are typically designed in Photoshop and then ported into After Effects for polishing. iPhone apps are the most common interfaces with a wide range of generic animated effects.

Although many of these designs have been created for the iPhone, most effects can be transferred onto any smartphone or tablet device. I’ve included the full GIF animation for each interface along with a link back to the original Dribbble shot. If you have any other unique or interesting UI/UX animations feel free to share with us in the comments section.

What I Eat

what i eat iphone app animation ux

Stats & Graphs

stats graph animation menu life friends iphone app

Swipe Animation

product swipe animation iphone app ux

Plus Menu Button

plus menu button animation iphone app

Internet Radio App

digital internet radio application iphone ux animation

MyEnglish 3 App

myenglish iphone app proile page animation


cirqle iphone app friends interface mobile design

Fiche Payments

fiche iphone app payments screen ui

Cartoon Quotes

iphone application pivot animation quotes

Weather Typography

weather application animatione ui typography iphone

Dribbble App Navigation

dribbble mobile app navigation animated menu

iOS7 Portfolio Animation

design studio portfolio ios7 chapps animated

User Account

user profile account animation ui iphone

Delete/Assign Task

delete assign task teammate iphone app ui

Payment Charge

iphone app ui dark pay charge screen

Flip Menu

settings config menu flip animation iphone app ui

Camera Roll Animation

iphone app hidden camera roll ui design

Pull to Refresh

dribbble ios7 app pull to refresh animation after effects

Weather App

interaction menu weather iphone app ui animation

Application Tour

light iphone application ui tour animation

ShopIt iOS App

shopit iphone ios application ui products list


cheers beer iphone app friends animated interface

Dark Weather App

dark snowing weather mobile app animated interface iphone

Cloudup Login Screen

splash screen login form iphone app ui animation

iOS7 Email Inbox

email inbox moving message howto animation

Side Menu Animation

dark animated iphone app ui opening menu

Calendar Interaction

calendar iphone app ui interaction design howto

New Post Menu

side animated menu iphone app ios7 new post

Codeanywhere Transitions

login screen codeanywhere iphone app animation

iOS7 Menu Interaction

fullscreen iphone app menu interaction design ui

“Like” Animation

like heart icon iphone app design animated

Publisher Screen

iphone app publishing social networks sharing ui animation

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a freelance writer, designer, and illustrator. He currently writes articles on user experience design and web development techniques. You can check out his work on Dribbble and follow his tweets @jakerocheleau.