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Digital mp3 players are much more common nowadays on more devices containing tremendous amounts of storage space. Aside from the typical iPod-style music device there are many websites and 3rd party mobile apps which offer a unique audio player experience. Designers and developers are constantly working to make better interfaces which are easy and fun to use.

To get started with your own audio player it may help to check out some designs already available online. This gallery contains 30 free music player interfaces as PSD graphics. You can download and play around with any of these freebies and even customize them for your own ideas. This is an excellent way to learn more about Photoshop and the general concepts behind GUI design.

Dark Purple Player

dark purple music player psd

Blue Music Player

simple blue music interface player ui

White Music Playlist

white music player freebie psd

iOS7 Music App UI

ios7 iphone app user interface psd freebie

Mini Music Player

mini music player freebie psd

Album Artwork Player

album artwork music player ui psd

Dark Micro Player

micro music player freebie psd

Dark Music Player GUI

simple dark music player album background artwork

Transparent Player

semi transparent dark music player freebie

Music Tooltip

white transparent music player info tooltip psd

Dark Mini Player

flat mini player dark interface ui

Grooveshark Mini Player

grooveshark mini music player psd freebie

Basic Player GUI

simple basic grey music player psd

Blue Audio Box

blue audio music player speakers psd

Glossy Player

dark glossy textured music player psd

Music Player Widget

player widget grey music psd freebie

OS X Dropdown

mac osx music app dropdown ui psd

Dark Music App

mobile app interface dark ui psd

iOS7 Players

apple iphone ios7 music player gui psd

Player PSD Freebie

simple music player psd freebie gui interface

Flat Multimedia Player

multi media player audio psd freebie

Desktop Music Player

web based music player desktop psd freebie

MusicApp UI Kit

music mobile app ui kit freebie psd

iPhone App Concept

music player app concept psd design

Music Player v1

simple mobile app music player v1 psd

Music Player & Playlist

dark yellow music player playlist psd

Flat Player App

flat mobile app ui music player psd

Raised Mini-Player

raised shadow music player psd freebie

iPhone Player App

simple iphone mobile app ui psd freebie

Spotify for Mac

mini spotify mac osx player psd

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a freelance writer, designer, and illustrator. He currently writes articles on user experience design and web development techniques. You can check out his work on Dribbble and follow his tweets @jakerocheleau.