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Web is just another medium for designers to portray their creations. Personally I find inspiration anywhere I go, parks, cinema, airports, libraries, also reading physical books, magazines and other publications spark a lot of ideas.

Web design can even be influenced by geometry and all the weird shapes you hated at math classes. Sharp corners, interesting angles, pure circles and more can be implemented in web design to stylize the look and feel of the website and give that memorabilia advantage to your competition.

In today’s compilation I’m sharing 20 latest examples of geometry used in web design.

450 GSM




Juliane Jeske

Lion d’Oc

Nice and Serious

Palanga Live

Letters, Inc.





Game Changers


Patrick de Nobrega



Patrick Monkel

La Piece

The Reveal Lexus

Posted by Tomas Laurinavicius

Tomas Laurinavicius is a blogger and designer from Lithuania. He's interested in web design, Photoshop and WordPress design. You can follow him on Twitter @tomaslau. Get in touch with him if you have interesting projects you want to collaborate on.