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Everyone who’s been keeping up with mobile app design should know about Google Material Design. It’s a new design language created for Android which has extended into mobile apps and websites. Although material design was created for any interface, its primary purpose is to guide mobile designers toward a more functional application UI.

To get you up-to-speed I’ve organized 26 brilliant mobile applications using concepts from Material Design. The online documentation is quite detailed and explains all the major concepts. But words and simple demonstrations are not always enough – sometimes it helps to see what other designers have created. Take a look over this collection to see if you can find any interfaces that catch your interest.

Pink Android

material design pink android app ui


pinchat gradient material design app mobile

Google Inbox

google inbox android gmail app

LinkedIn for Android

linkedin mobile app android material design


localway material design app ui design

Football App

football material app design android

Flock Chat App

android flock chat app ui design

Bitcoin App

account balance bitcoin android material design


material design alarm app ui

YouTube App

android youtube app material design

Drive Splash Screen

login android drive splash screen ui

Music App

dark music app material design android

Twitter for Android

twitter android mobile app material design

Facebook Redesign

facebook redesign material google design


planner material app design google


cooking recipe app android lollipop

Products List

products list flum material design app

Plumber App

plumber android material design app


hawee social sports management app

User Profile

android profile material design app

Android Shopping App

android mobile shopping app design ui

Lollipop Music Player

android material design lollipop music ui

Alarm Animation

alarm animation ui material design


book event mobile app android

VK Profile

vk profile android lollipop ui

Google Drive App

google drive app mobile material ui design

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a freelance writer, designer, and illustrator. He currently writes articles on user experience design and web development techniques. You can check out his work on Dribbble and follow his tweets @jakerocheleau.