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Many people think that design is everything, but they are wrong. We all know that design sells, but it’s not the main part why people are using the app or website.

Beautifully designed navigation menus are the keystone of a smooth, intuitive app experience that gets you the content and information that you need exactly when and where you need it.

Today I want to inspire you and I’m sharing 30 great examples of app sliding navigation menus.

Wellbing Sliding Navigation

Slide-out Sidebar Menu for iOS8

Belgabox Sliding Menu

App Slide Menu

Mobile Side Menu

Filter Menu

iShop Menu Slide

Videdressing Left Menu

WU University App Menu

Sidebar Menu

Tumblr Menu

Mobile App Slide Menu

iOS 7 Slide Menu


Charity Android App Slide Menu

Food App Slide Menu

Application Slidemenu

Decision App Menu

Main Menu Example

Wiracle iOS App Slide Menu

Close Side Menu

Mercado App Menu

App Menu Concept

Android App Material Design Sidebar

iLearn App Menu

Material Design Menu

App Side Menu

Tidal App Menu

Vortex App Menu

Concept App Sliding Menu

iOS App Sliding Menu

Posted by David Martin

David Martin is a WordPress developer & entrepreneur from the UK. He owns DesignWoop, CardDsgn and WhoDesignToday. Catch up with David on Twitter.