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Tell us about yourself?

Hey! My name is Davey Heuser and I’m a 23 year old designer from the Netherlands. I’m a Communication and Multimedia Design student in my final year. Besides school, I work at Yummygum and on my own project Iconjar with Curtis Hard on the side. Yummygum crossed my path 1.5 years ago and since then I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of their talented team.

When did you started your design career and where?(insert picture of one of the first designs)

I started building websites when I was around 13 / 14 years old on a computer that wasn’t connected to the internet (I was 15 when we got connected). Unfortunately I don’t have any of that work anymore due to a broken external hard drive but it wasn’t that serious anyway. In 2009 I started uploading fairly simple designs to Deviantart and a dutch design forum (that doesn’t exist anymore) and from there it all started. Those early designs weren’t focused on interaction at all, they just looked pretty but I think all of us started there.

Who inspires you to be a designer?

I think inspiration comes from the people that mean a lot to you in life. Being inspired by a Dribbble shot is fine but it’s not long-lasting. Choose who you want to have in your life, don’t let the people around you hold you back.

Tell us about your daily routine?

If I go to work I wake up at 8AM in the morning and get ready to commute to Amsterdam by train. In the train I try to read articles and browse my Twitter feed in order to stay up-to-date. I also check my work email to see if clients gave feedback on our work. At around 5:30PM I commute homewards and finish the day with the family and occasionally work on to-do’s for Iconjar.

How do you manage your time?

Being a student, work at an agency and working on your own app sure is very time consuming. But my mom once said; work to live, don’t live to work and that’s what I aim for. I try to cut all my to-do’s into small tasks in order to create a balance between work and social life.

Where are you currently based and what’s next?

I’m currently living in a small town in the Netherlands and during weekdays I can be found in The Hague or Delft. I love Dutch towns / cities that have canals so I would love to live in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft or Utrecht someday.

Working in the office for company or you’re freelancer?

In the office, definitely. I used to combine it with freelancing but since Curtis and I released the public beta of Iconjar it’s nearly impossible to work on freelance projects anymore. Work to live, don’t live to work, right?! :)

Did you ever meet with a ‘client from hell’? How did you handle it?

Sure did, every designer will meet one of those people at least once in their career. I love it when the client says he loves it but points out so many things to be changed that it’s slowly becoming clear that he’s not happy with the result after all.

5 Tools you can’t live without?

  • Sketch
  • Iconjar
  • Paper, markers and fineliners
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Soundcloud

Tell us about your last project?

I already pointed out that I work on Iconjar in my spare time. Iconjar is an app that allows people to manage their icon sets in any way they want. A couple of years ago I was unable to find the icons I wanted so I went to Iconfinder instead. Not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not why I downloaded and bought so many icon sets.

It appeared that I was not the only one struggling with this so I decided to find a developer for Iconjar and Dribbble helped me greatly with that. I found multiple developers with a blink of an eye so I even had the possibility to pick a favourite.

Working on an app that a lot of people use is really difficult. Everyone has its own preferences and not everyone takes the same things for granted as I do. You have to find solutions that are the perfect balance between what Iconjar is supposed to be and what users want. So far this is a never ending process and I don’t think it’s going to end any time soon either.

Portfolio: or
Twitter: @daveyheuser

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