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Tell us about yourself?

My name is Zaki Ahmad Fauzan. but you can call me Zaki or Aozan as i put all my username online. I am a 27-year-old motion graphic designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Most of my works are live visual for music concert, theatre, corporate events, and fashion show. I’m currently working fulltime at Coconut Mind a creative agency and i’m also freelancing together with my friend as Thinkspace Studio. I’m always available for some collaborations as well as experimental and charitable works.

When did you started your design career and where?(insert picture of one of the first designs)

Well I got my first freelance job right after college early 2009 back in Malaysia, the job was to retouch 8 second frame by frame animation and I did 6 animation. But the real career start at the end of 2009 in Jakarta when I joined Coconut Mind as full-time designer and freelancing as Web Flash Developer for a movie “Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park” with Picklock Productions.

Who inspires you to be a designer ?

Quite many people I could think, let me name few of them like Isha Hening, Onur Senturk, Nick “GreyscaleGorilla”, GMUNK, Antibody, and Murat Pak.

Tell us about your daily routine?

I usually wake-up around 5 AM for morning prayer, sometime I did go back to sleep or finishing some work or watching the morning news or just go out ride my bicycle. I arrived at the office around 10 AM and the first thing I do is start my browser and open my favorite site like “daily inspirations”, “staff picks channel”,, and well my brains needs fuel of inspiration to start the day.

Then I work until 12pm and break for lunch then work again until 4pm take my break for 30 minutes grab some snacks and have a little chat with people. Then continue working until 6 or 7pm. But there are also some hectic days that I work all day.

How do you manage your time?

Well I don’t have any fancy time management, I work based on the deadline. If I have short deadline then I go for quick research about the project and then focus all day with the project. If I have longer flexible deadline then I go deep with the research and maybe try new experiment on the way that helps improve the project outcomes.

Where are you currently based and what’s next?

I currently based in Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia.

What’s next?!. Me and my friends are building up a travel reference website called “Escape Jakarta”. The basic idea was just we want to travel more and share travel story, how we get there, what we can found, and how much it cost us. We inspired by the quotes “we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”. For now you can follow our instagram and twitter @escapejakarta

Working in the office for company or you’re freelancer?

I’m working for a company in the office, well the time is kinda flexible so if I have some spare time I could work on my freelance job.

Did you ever meet with a ‘client from hell’? How did you handle it?

Yes I did, I think every designer met their own “client from hell” or will meet them. How did I handle it, if it’s about the design related that you want your client to see things your way then you have to back it up with a reason why you choose that design or give them few option to choose for. If it’s about payment “client from hell” then you have to discuss about it before you start or sign the contract.

5 Tools you can’t live without?

Iphone, External HD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Illustrator.

Tell us about your last project?

Well my last project is Gading Nite Carnival. Gading Nite Carnival is one of the Main event and the Opening for Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2015 by Summarecon Kelapa Gading. For this year Gading Nite Carnival theme is “Odyssey In Harmony” telling a story about Mat Gading Journey through the five elements to save the earth. In this project my job is to create live visual for the opening act, Ice Sequence, Water Sequence, and Gold Sequence.

Catch Up With Zaki:

Portfolio: aozan / Twitter: Aozan / Facebook: zaki.a.fauzan / Blog: / Instagram: Aozan

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