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Our monthly article – The Designer Toolbox. Every month we will try to share the latest resources such as educational tools, ebooks, email tools, apps, CSS & HTML tools, websites, inspiration sources and much more.

We will try to share with you only designer related freebies, but if we will find something extraordinary or superb it also can be paid version. If I’ve missed adding something on the list please contact us on Twitter (@Designwoop) or me (@JustasMarkus).

GoodUI Evidence

People’s A/B test results that show which UI ideas work best.

WD Stack

Curated resources for front-end designers/developers.


Easily find a matching color palette.


A curated list of UI/UX related articles and resources.

Design for Startup

Everything about design for Startups.

Build it With Me

Connecting you with like-minded designers & developers.


Turn Dribbble shots into backgrounds for every iOS device.


The collaborative interface design tool.


Create beautiful, usable & easy to integrate admin dashboards.


View your Dribbble stats.


New age A/B testing & heatmap software using chrome extension.


10 new stock photos sent every 2 weeks.

Nova Icons

350 free Material Design-style icons.

Layers CSS

CSS framework aimed for practical use cases.


Simple send files in real-time for free.

Posted by Justas Markus

CEO & Co-Founder of GetFound XL and a blogger at,, and others. Catch up with Justas on Twitter.