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If you’re launching a new website, you need to start thinking about the users. It doesn’t matter if you are selling the real product or offering the service. You need to find the way to attract them.

One of the latest trends is to convert them to newsletter subscribers. Time to time you will send a useful information, special discounts or just keeping in touch with them. And it works. But you need to prepare for a long journey. It takes a time to get trusted.

If you have a budget or a team, it might be the best option for you. But, if you don’t have much time, budget and team members I have some tips for you.

Use Bonus System

Most of the websites are using the free call to action system. When you are coming to new sites, they are offering 30 days of free, free trial for 14 days and many other ways to attract your attention. But there is another way catch the customer.

A great example is online casino websites like They are offering money. If you sign up and put some money in your account, you will get a bonus. It could be up to few thousands of dollars. Money can motivate people. It works event better than a discount or even free shipping. So if you’re offering money transfer services, you can try to use this kind of system.

Prominent Call to Action

The call to action icon is one of the key elements of any signup page. Without it, the page has no purpose. I saw many websites with the invisible call to action button. It blends into the background, and it just doesn’t stand out.

I like how Mailerlite works it out. At the header, it has to main buttons “Sign Up Free” and “Log In”. After that, it has another huge button “Get Forever Free Account Now”. You can’t miss it! When you’re creating your call to action button. Make sure it stands out from the rest of your page.

Simplify Your Sign-Up Form

Dailymile has another great advice – simple sign-up form. The last thing we want to do when signing up for something is fill in a long form that doesn’t seem to have much point.

Address, pictures, phone number, etc. Nobody is going to call you or send a greeting card. Your primary goal is to simplify you form. Ask only for primary info, email, name, and surname. That’s it!

Offer a Guarantee

If your primary focus is on quality, you can always offer a guarantee. It can be the main reason why someone is signing up. There is nothing to lose.

If it’s a newsletter, you can guarantee you won’t sell or share the email address with others. If money is involved, you can always offer 30 days money back guarantee. I like how for examples companies like GoPro gives you a money back guarantee. If you are “not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund”. If it’s service like a Siteground, you can also use the same money back guarantee. When there is nothing to lose, 80% of the users will try to use your service or buy products.

Posted by Justas Markus

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