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Nowadays creative and eye-catching resumes are key features for landing a job. A lot of creative people express themselves through their resumes and get their dream job. If you do not have any needed designing experience or do not know where to start, you should look at the internet’s online resume builders.

There are many websites made, where you can create your CV online and export it to the .pdf file. They let you make your resume from simple text based to very informative infographics ones. Also, they offer a wide variety of beautifully build templates to make your resume more attractive and appealing to the employer.


LinkedIn is a social network where you can create your online CV, and possible employers can see it. By the way, the CV can be downloaded as a .pdf file and be used as a paper one.


Easelly is a tool in which you can visualise your statistic information. It is a great tool for making your resumes for its customizability. You can build here a perfect infographic resume using their templates and changing how you want it.


This website offers you stunning visualised CV’s. It created over 500,000 infographics, and it is the number one infographics maker for resumes. So you can see that they do their job with precision, and they are trustworthy.


SlashCV is a very simple tool for making a resume. You do not even need to sign up to start making your resume. Of course, if you sign up, you get more features as an example bunch of elegant looking CV templates, save and edit it, etc.


Here you can create your resume that it is full of data and with not much of a text. Because of that, it is easily understandable and kind of a pleasure to see it. You can add information manually or connect your LinkedIn account and import your information to it.


VisualCV lets you create an online CV that you can track how many views it gets and from what places. Also, it allows you to create a professional resume that can be exported to the PDF.


Canva is an online graphic design platform. The best thing is that you get a free access to a lot of features that can help you create that resume design that was in your head for a long time.


This online tool will help you to create an original resume in no time. It is easy to use and will only take several minutes to set up your new CV. You can import data from your LinkedIn account or fill it manually by yourself.


Ineedaresu is a great tool for building your resume if you need it urgently. In a matter of minutes, you can quickly create your simple, but rather an elegant CV. Because it is user-friendly and does not have any additional options.


In ResumeUP you can create various of resumes from text-based to beautiful infographic ones. If you want to create an eye-catching resume, you will need to buy a premium account, and it is the biggest downside of this CV builder.

CV Maker

CV Maker is free online resume builder. It is easy to set up, and you can customize it as you want. Also, it will give you a link that you can share with others so that they could see it online. Of course, because it is free it will not be as colorful as others, but it keeps it simple and understandable.

Standard Resume

This online CV maker allows you to create distraction-free Curriculum Vitae. The resume can be seen online, or you can download it as a PDF file and print it out.


LiveCareer is a tool where you can create free professional and impressive looking CV with one-click designs. After you made your CV, you can download it, print it or email it directly to your employer.


Here you can create multiple resumes with excellent designs that will be stored onto your account. You can share it online with other people or download a PDF file and print it out.


Here you can generate modest but rather professional looking CVs. Resumonk has a free plan that you can fully use, but with excellent ones you get access to more useful features. It has free pre-made resume templates that you can use. By the way, you can import your LinkedIn account information or fill it by yourself.

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