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Freelance is a very indefinable business – there are many niches like design, marketing, eCommerce, social media, copywriting, programming and so much more. Many people think freelance is freedom, endless hours of sleep, working on your MacBook while sitting under the palm on a tropical beach. And in a way – it is. But only if you manage your work properly.

Many spheres need management. You need to schedule your time, set your priorities, learn to work faster and more efficiently, manage your unstable finances, remember all the tasks and combine them with your daily chores. Doesn’t sound that easy anymore, does it?


Are you tired of sending files from your mobile phone to your email box? Tired of connecting the USB to your computer just to get to those files? Are huge files too difficult to share with your colleagues and business partners? Then you should try Dropbox. It syncs with your phone, and you can share any items or folders in no time.


Are you one of those crazy-busy freelancers and every single minute is super-important to you? Then we found something just for you. This tool will let you create your short snippets – type them in, and a whole CSS code, an image or a phrase will come up instead.


Toggl is perfect for tracking your time – either you want to track your creative process, either you seek to define your priorities or if you simply charge your clients per hour. This tool is incredibly easy to use and user-friendly. Start tracking by one simple click.



RescueTime should be the key tool on your list if you seek to become more productive and more focused on your tasks. It will also help you analyse where do you spend most of your time and then it is up to you to decide – was it worth it or maybe your habits need a change.


Remember The Milk

When it starts to seem a little bit too overwhelming with all these tasks and small chores you have to do – Remember The Milk. This tool will help you manage your life and work. It is a great to-do list replacement, compatible with many devices, virtual calendars etc.


Oh Don’t Forget

Another fantastic tool that will assist you in remembering important things. By using it, you can remind yourself to do daily tasks or send a reminder to any friend, family member or colleague – basically, anyone if you have their cell number. Oh Don’t Forget will send a text message with a reminder straight to your phone.



MyLifeOrganized is meant for those who struggle with managing their agendas and applying new task to their schedule. Set your priorities and enjoy auto-generated to-do lists. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad, phones and tablets with Android OS.



It’s fast; it’s easy to use, and it’s very convenient. Access your notes, sketches, photos anywhere and anytime. The most fun fact about EverNote is that you can make a note out of anything you want. Your notes are easy to find and even more easy to share with your friends.



To make your work more efficient and work faster, give Focus@will ago. It’s a music app that will leave you more focused and will eliminate distractions that surround you. This app is based on neuroscience and is scientifically tested so you can trust it’s competence.



ZenWriter is a full-screen writer that will help you keep concentrated on your article, book or whatever you are writing. No notifications, no distractions, just aesthetically soothing background, you and your letters. You can download a free trial or buy the whole package with all the fonts and features.



Shoeboxed is a fun, exciting, yet very useful storage tool. You can scan your receipts, business cards or whatever else you like – and afterwards, you can collect data from these scanned documents. This tool is one of the best and most efficient time savers.



MindMeister is a visual reflection of your thoughts, ideas, and creations. The best part of this awesomely designed tool is its accessibility. It is web-based, so there is no difference if you use Linux, Windows or MacOS. Just launch your web browser and start mind mapping.



SimplifyThis is a perfect tool if you are looking for something that could help you with task scheduling and deal with your billing at the same time. Oriented to freelancers and small business – therefore very easy to use.



Mixmax is mainly focused on email marketing, but it can be used by freelancers in so many different spheres. You can either be a designer who has its blog,  a book writer or a technology blog writer. Mixmax will help you send and track your emails faster.



Canva is helping you create simple, fun and professional-looking designs for your website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. This design tool is widely used by freelancers because here you can also create banners and astonishing PDF’s.



Sketch is a highly modern app for digital designers – web designers, product designers, icon designers etc. It supports Multiple Pages and Artboards, has many powerful features, and it makes your workflow so much faster, easier and professional.



Coolors is a popular app, favourited by many freelancers, especially the ones who write blogs about beauty, design, and interior. This excellent and beautifully designed app let you create color schemes and palettes in seconds. You can also build and keep the collections of your palettes on your personal profile.



Falcon app will come in handy in whichever niche you are working in. It will help you get to know your customers better and define what your target audience is. Every digital interaction that the clients make with your brand – Falcon collects that data and sends it to you.



Mint is a free money management tool that is considered one of the best you can find on the internet. If you work as a freelancer for a full-time, you know what a struggle can the money management be. Money, budgeting and useful tips – all in one place.



Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.


Posted by Justas Markus

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