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Nowadays, photography is a really attractive and useful skill to know. Almost everyone has a smartphone that takes high-quality photos or a DSLR camera. Also, a lot of people have Instagram accounts where they share their photo. And because of that, it is a good thing to learn to take great photos that you can showcase to your friends and family.

Furthermore, it is more and more popular to be a photographer freelance. There are many places where you can sell your best-taken photos online and get a decent amount of money. But if you want to take only photos for yourself. You should still take some online course to sharpen your skills and make amazing photos that will take others people’s breath away.


This is perfect for all kinds of photographers from amateur to professionals. It contains tutorials, video tutorials, techniques, tips, community forum and much more. I really liked their headline on the site it says: “A site for photographers by photographers.”


PopPhoto is a website that contains a lot of useful information for photographers. There are excellent guides how to take accurate photos, simple HOW-TO’s, video tutorials and others. Also, there are photo contests where you can apply and maybe even win.

iPhone Photography School

This website is perfect for those people who wants to learn to take pictures but have iPhones instead of DSLR cameras. It has many really detailed and informative tutorials that will teach you to take photos as good as some people do with their DSLR cameras.

The Photo Argus

The Photo Argus website has a lot of content from articles with photos for inspiration to photography tips. The site contains several in-depth tutorials and a lot of photography tips articles as well as articles with a lot of photos for inspiration.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is the best place to start also a perfect place to sharpen your skills. The good part is that the information there is free and tutorials that are written there are really high-quality ones. By the way, it contains an active forum that has a lot of useful information about photography.

Best Photo Lessons

Here is another website about photography. There are many free photography tips and a lot of useful guides. This site is magnificent for beginners because it is free and has a lot of great resources to learn from.

Photography website is an ideal website to search for some photography tips and other resources. It had a podcast that has stopped, but all the episode is still on the site, and because of that, you can still listen to them. Also, it has a great active forum for you to participate.

Improve Photography

This website an ideal place where you can find a lot of useful tips that will improve your photo making skills. Also, they confirm that in their sites name. By the way, they have a really great podcast to listen on your smartphone or on your computer.

Virtual Photography Studio

This is a really well-made site for photography. The website covers an enormous range of topics from photo taking, editing them, Photoshop usage to Marketing. It provides you with great articles, tips, and resources you can easily use.

Pixelated Photographer

It is an ideal photography community website. It has an active forum with many great threads to read and follow. There is a lot of great content for all kinds of photographers, in particular for the technical ones.

DIY Photography

DIY Photography website is a really perfect place to get some advice from the professionals, read about the newest photography equipment. Also, it is an excellent place to participate in contests and just expand your knowledge about photography.

Web Photo School

Web Photo School is a great place to get started. It has a lot of lessons, but it provides to you 6 free lessons that you can choose on several topics from indoor portraits to controlling light in a room.

Geoff Lawrence

This web page contains a lot of free resources that will help you to learn digital photography. It covers almost every topic that you could possibly imagine. If you are a beginner, it is and an excellent place to start.


This site is perfect for you if you want to take a photo, landscape, animals and similar things outdoors. It focuses only on the photography of nature. They have many useful articles and guides for that.


CurrentPhotographer is an ideal website for a photographer it has a lot of high-quality material for you. It has a menu section with tips and techniques that I recommend you to give a glance, you will not be disappointed.

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