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Our monthly article – The Designer Toolbox. Every month we will try to share the latest resources such as educational tools, ebooks, email tools, apps, CSS & HTML tools, websites, inspiration sources and much more.

We will try to share with you only designer related freebies, but if we will find something extraordinary or superb it also can be paid version. If I’ve missed adding something on the list, please contact us on Twitter @Designwoop.


A lightweight pattern library for any web project.


Curated resources to build an online business with no code.


A flexible yet lightweight Javascript animation library.

iOS 10 GUI

Free fully customizable UI Kit for Sketch.

The Hands-On Guide to Wireframing

Free step-by-step guide. Read online, or save for later.


The fastest way to create and share visual content.


All-in-one conversion pop-ups for your website.


Supercharge your screenshots.

Google Fonts

Brand new redesign to Google Fonts.


Portfolio Websites For Creative Professionals made easy.


Everything you need to design rich messaging experiences.


The definitive color picker.


High quality and stylish wireframe kit.


Maps nice and large favicons to domain names.


An online marketplace for user testing.

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