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For some people, one of the goals in life is to create an excellent reputation. And it is not surprising – a reputation gives more opportunities to gain more money, increase the chance to find better clients and get better projects.

If you are a freelancer, you should know that it’s not so easy to build a fabulous reputation. There will always be people who will not like your work no matter what, and that shouldn’t stop you from seeking a solid reputation as a freelancer. Reputation is not just about talent or skills, it is also about years of experience, completed projects, and it can be influenced by other’s opinion about you.


You should understand that it will take some time to create a good reputation and it will not be completed in a short period. A big influencer to reputation is years of experience.

Step by step, work by work and you are on the right way. Work and time increase a possibility to get a better project or better client. But the long-term reputation can take time so be patient. Keep that in mind while pursuing an excellent reputation as a freelancer.

Professional manner

Another and essential step in building a reputation as a freelancer is to be professional as much as it’s possible. Communicate with potential clients and all other people in a professional manner – use correct spelling and grammar. It can be seen that with some clients you can be less professional but don’t lose it. Professional manner shows that you are serious about what you do and it increases a good opinion about you and your work. Also, have in mind that people talk. If you are working in a particular niche, clients can share views and remarks about you. It’s up to you if it will be easier or harder to find more work.


It can be obvious, but it is another critical step in your reputation. It is great if you have both an online and offline portfolio – clients can see the work you have done, what type of work you do and much more. A great portfolio is a place that shows your skills and specialization. Also, it is a place that sells you so make this combination of sentences, images and attitude as amazing as possible. Keep it in mind.


People will trust and recommend you more if you will always complete your work on time. If some problems emerge and you can’t finish your work before the deadline – let the client know. Most of them will understand and appreciate that you inform. In this way, you will keep a trust and increase your reputation. A great and free tool to manage your work is Centrallo – an organization tool that will always keep you on track.


Clients will love that they don’t need to edit and do a lot with your work. A great feedback is a motivation to do the best of your work. Both sides will be satisfied – a freelancer will get a good feedback and fair payment while a client will get a work that expected or even better version of it. It increases a possibility that client will ask more work from you. Keep in mind that high recommendations will improve your chance to create an incredible reputation and more people will notice you and your works.


Last but not least. Remember that people are always watching, talking and listening.  Every person with who you were or are working is influencing your reputation. Maybe you will be building your reputation in years, but it can be ruined in few minutes. Your behavior in situations under pressure in your success – everything will be remembered and noted. If you are conducive and helping, person people will appreciate it and remember you as a good person who is willing to go an extra mile. Both good and bad opinions can be spread – it’s up to you what people will talk. Good responses are a significant way in a creation of fabulous reputation.

Posted by Justas Markus

CEO & Co-Founder of GetFound XL and a blogger at,, and others. Catch up with Justas on Twitter.