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New Year is just around the corner and along with it comes new opportunities and new challenges.However, it does not mean that you need to do away with old things to make way for the new ones. While there are cases like this, there are also times when it is better to stick with what has been tested and proven.

So before 2018 starts, here are some premium web tools and services that have been proven to deliver what they’ve promised. While there are other good tools out there, these personal picks have never failed us:


Building a front-end website is much easier than building an admin interface because there’s not a lot to choose from when you work on the latter. Fortunately, WrapPixel came into the scene and change the game. With WrapPixel, you get a wide variety of Bootstrap-powered admin templates for your backend interfaces, dashboards, admin panels, and many more. And because they are based on the Bootstrap framework, all the templates are optimized to work on all types of devices.

One of the stars of the show is the WrapKit Extended License, a UI kit filled with all the goodies any web developer or designer can ask for. For starters, it has more than 25 pre-built niche demos so there is something for any industry your project is in. It also contains other UI elements from breadcrumbs to animations to accordions.

Running out of ideas what kind of header or footer to use or maybe how the pop-up form would look like, WrapKit has more than 150 interface sections that are ready to use including thousands of fonts and icons.


Forms are easy to build but what if you can find a much faster way to build them and even more beautifully and seamlessly. Yes, you can do it with 123FormBuilder. In fact, you can do it as easily as 1-2-3. It has a drag and drop builder which allows you to add any fields on your form in no time. After placing all the elements you want, just add your notification email and you’re all set.

123FormBuilder isn’t just about creating forms but you can also collect precious information about your audience in real time. You can even create graphical reports to present these valuable data. The best part about it, however, is the limitless integrations you can have because of its automation feature. Imagine creating a Trello card with it or add Google row sheets perhaps. How about adding your Pipedrive deals or connect it with ActiveCampaign? Cool, right? 123FormBuilder can help you do all that.


Which is much difficult for a web developer – creating codes or bookkeeping? While the latter is perhaps much easier, you might somehow find it more difficult. You might even feel frustrated a few times doing some accounting tasks. After all, you’re a web developer and not an accountant, right? Well, you can now say goodbye to all your accounting woes with ZipBooks, a free yet powerful accounting solution. Yes, you heard it right – it’s free but powerful.

With ZipBooks, you can create accounting reports, track your finances, balance bank accounts, create invoices, and even make projections of your future income. You can also integrate a number of financial partners, such as PayPal or your bank, making it easier to receive and make payments.

Another benefit ZipBooks is it allows you to connect it with your bank account helping you synchronize and keep all your financial data up to date. What more, you keep your data in a centralized location; thus, it’s easier to access them anytime anywhere.


Instagram is one of the most popular and powerful social media platforms nowadays. Through Instagram, you can build your brand and your profit as well. That means the more followers you have the more vast your influence or reach becomes. But growing your Instagram can be quite tricky and complicated as well. Fortunately, there’s a tool like Combin to help you navigate the intricacies of Instagram.

Developed by a team of Instagrammers, Combin has features that help you grow your Instagram account much faster. The best thing about it though is the growth is legitimate and permanent.

One of Combin’s features is geofencing which allows you to limit your search results within a location. This is especially helpful if you are creating an event or a local business that wants to attract and reach out to locals of that particular place. It also allows you to create customized searches based on accounts and hashtags. It even has a hashtag tracker so you will know the latest content about a specific area. The best feature, however, is it’s very easy to use even if you are managing multiple Instagram accounts.


Getting your target to convert is a matter of saying the right words at the right time, which is what Omniconvert is all about. Omniconvert is a software that creates high-quality data and leads to help you speed up your conversion marketing. The process is pretty simple: use it to collect client feedback, brainstorm how you can create actionable insights to address any client problem or demand, and turn your ideas into action. Aside from these, Omniconvert also helps you create personalized messages, get it to the right audience, and maintain your interaction with them.

Omniconvert has four distinct features: A/B testing, surveys, segmentation, and personalization. Each of these features helps you in every step of the conversion process. The survey feature helps you gather data and customer feedback, segmentation lets you understand the sentiments of your customers and helps you create solutions, the A/B testing feature lets you test those ideas  before you make them live, and personalization allows you to create personalized messages to a specific audience, and send them at the right time.


Make 2018 much easier for you with the help of these tools. Become more efficient, productive, and profitable by streamlining your tasks. Even if you have a team to help you with these tasks, they will appreciate it more if you are able to make their tasks much simpler than before.

Posted by Justas Markus

Founder/CEO GetFoundXL and a blogger at,, and others. Catch up with Justas on Twitter.