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Stu Greenham is a Web Designer / Developer who lives in Hull (North East England) and works for the web agency.

Pure CSS folded-corner effect

Tutorial showing you how to create a folded corner effect using just CSS.

/ December 15, 2010

Apply the DRY Principle to Build Websites With ExpressionEngine 2

Great post looking at how you can optimize your Expression Engine install.

/ December 15, 2010

Optimize Your Web Design Workflow

The latest post from 24 Ways looks at ways to optimize your web design workflow.

/ December 10, 2010

35 New Awesome MacBook and iPad Decals

A really cool post showcasing some awesome MacBook and iPad decals.

/ November 26, 2010

Modular Scale

A really good read for anyone interested in type and web design!

/ November 26, 2010

Visual Inspiration – 30 Beautiful Web App Site Designs

Nice collection of very beatiful web app sites from Design Instruct.

/ November 10, 2010

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers

Intensely large post by Smashing Magazine showcasing many great resources / apps that are great for us Web Designer Folk.

/ October 20, 2010

CSS Content Property

Nice article from Jack Osborne looking at how we can use the CSS Content Property.

/ October 20, 2010 Has A Website

Article by download squad looking at Google's URL shortener and how it has a new shiny website.

/ October 1, 2010

50 Fresh and Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Some really nice websites in this latest collection looking at darker websites.

/ October 1, 2010