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Collection of 1280×800 Wallpapers

If you own a 13″ MacBook like me, then you will know the resolution for the screen differs from that of 90% of PC Laptops, and therefore, the most common of Desktop wallpapers come in 1024 by 768 format. Here is a compilation of some of my favourite 1280 by 800 wallpapers I have collected along the way! I haven’t been able to put a source or author on any of these because I have downloaded them over a long period of time so if one of the wallpapers listed is your creation, then comment me and I will add it on for you! :) Anyways, here is the collection….

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I Love My iPhone! But…

The most annoying thing is that, although it can take, even edit (thanks to certain apps) photos, it lacks the ability to send them to my mates via MMS. Fair enough, I could still take a snap and Email to a friend, or maybe even upload to my Facebook for everyone to see, but there have been many times where I have needed this function.

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Removing the Dotted Hyperlink Borders

I love Firefox, it is my favoured browser but there is one little thing that really frustrates me, especially from a designer point of view. You may, or may not have noticed that the browser adds a dotted border around hyperlinks that only become visible upon activating the link. For many this is probably not a problem as its not exactly causing any problems to anyone, but I don’t like it.

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