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Favourite Links 2

Right guys, continuing on from last week, here are some of my favourite links that I have seen in the last 7 days! Some crackers here and if you agree then help me out with a cheeky Tweet, Bump or...

/ January 10, 2010

5 Reason’s to work directly from your Dropbox account

Dropbox, the must have app for 2009! Right? Well for most of us with a brain it was and my god it's a life saver! For anyone who hasn't heard of Dropbox yet, in a nutshell, its a piece of...

/ January 5, 2010

Favourite Links 1

I am going to start a set of weekly posts that will show you my favourite links I have found, been sent or have used myself at some point. Please, if you have time to take a few minutes to...

/ December 31, 2009

Need a Google Wave invite?

I have got 15 Google Wave invites at the moment going spare if you need one then post your details and I will send one your way! First come first serve bases though!

/ December 10, 2009

Tutorial: Clearing the Textarea value onFocus

Quick tip that will always come in handy when creating forms. More often then not you will see a textarea that initially has some text in, something like... 'Type your message here...'. On some websites, I have noticed that when...

/ December 9, 2009

20 Great CSS Design Showcase Websites for Inspiration

We've all had days where our creativity becomes non-existant and are in desperate need of some inspiration to get us kick started again. Fortunately for us we have a huge variety of choice when it comes to web showcasing which...

/ December 8, 2009

Tutorial: Display your Latest Tweet on your Website using SimplePie

Okay so if you read my blog you will know I have already posted a tutorial showing you how to add your latest tweet to your website. Well this is part 2, and in part 2 we look at how...

/ September 13, 2009

PNG Image fix for IE6

If you tend to put a lot of PNG images on your websites like I do, then you will know how much of a pain IE6 is! IE6 can display PNG images but it doesn't play to well with transparent...

/ August 27, 2009

Tutorial: Image hover/fade effect using jQuery

I recently came across this cool about us page and instantly fell in love with the hover over effect they used on the images. Well anyways, I tought myself how to do this same effect and now I'm going to...

/ August 16, 2009

Collection of 1280×800 Wallpapers

If you own a 13" MacBook like me, then you will know the resolution for the screen differs from that of 90% of PC Laptops, and therefore, the most common of Desktop wallpapers come in 1024 by 768 format. Here...

/ August 15, 2009