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20 Minimalist & Typographic Brochure Designs

Just like business card design, a brochure is another extension of your brand, brochures have been and still are a basic marketing tool to reach out to potential customers. Having a well crafted and correctly branded brochure design is vital if you are to catch a potential customers eye.

Brochures are perfect for leaving around for people to pick up, think how many times you have been in a waiting room, a train, offices or conferences and seen some brochures laying about. Not all brochures are well thought out and certainly not all are well designed, image how many additional customers could be generated with a clever eye catching brochure design.

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17 Stylish & Minimal Free Icon Sets To Download

Icons allow web designers to add extra finishing touches to designs, icons can help convey important messages or call to actions to the user in a stylish and unobtrusive way. Icons can help add to the overall user experience without using excessive amounts of text which can clutter the web page. I keep a good selection of both free and paid icons on my Macbook which I am always adding to as I find new released icons. Here a some of favorite free icons for you to download and add to your collection.

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