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Smart Designs

A Collection of 45 Smart and Creative Designs

Today I have collected 45 smart and creative design solutions that you could apply to your everyday life or on a new design project. I hope that it will give you some inspiration and spark your creative mind.

/ April 20, 2017

15 WordPress Plugins to Help with Legal Compliance

As we do not want that you would have problems because of your website. We have collected 15 WordPress plugins that will lend you a hand in legal compliance.

/ March 30, 2017

Fifteen Free Websites to Create An Inspiring Resume

Here we picked 15 websites where you can write your resume that employers will recognise.

/ September 26, 2016

Useful jQuery Resources For Creating Full Screen Sliders

A few weeks back we featured a post showcasing websites utilising full screen sliders, its a pretty cool trend doing the rounds right now so I thought I would provide you with some resources to create the effect on your...

/ November 26, 2012

PNG Image fix for IE6

If you tend to put a lot of PNG images on your websites like I do, then you will know how much of a pain IE6 is! IE6 can display PNG images but it doesn't play to well with transparent...

/ August 27, 2009

Reverse Your Email with CSS and Prevent Spam

SPAM... Literally the most annoying word! When I used to work in IT Support, I would constantly get asked how to stop spam, and my reply would always be that you can't! There is only so much software you can...

/ April 30, 2009

Removing the Dotted Hyperlink Borders

I love Firefox, it is my favoured browser but there is one little thing that really frustrates me, especially from a designer point of view. You may, or may not have noticed that the browser adds a dotted border around...

/ October 12, 2008