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22 Website Preloaders for Your Inspiration

Some people like flash and some don’t, but if you already have a flash site or you’re thinking about launching one, be sure it is user friendly from the moment they first enter the site until the moment they leave.

Whether we like it or not, flash sites with awesome animated content can not load instantly, and that is why we often have to deal with boring preloaders. However, there are developers who add creative preloaders so that users could not only see how long it will take for the site to load, but also watch something funny. That said, I invite you to see these 20+ preloaders which are well worth checking out. We hope you will find them inspiring and useful.

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Favourite Links 1

I am going to start a set of weekly posts that will show you my favourite links I have found, been sent or have used myself at some point. Please, if you have time to take a few minutes to help spread my posts using the share links at the bottom of the page I would be very greatful! Right heres my #1 set of links…

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