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20 Stunning App Icon Designs

I’ve been a fan of icon design for years. Much like how a logo represents the tone and personality of a company, an icon represents a program or app. Both make use of a tiny canvas size and often have...

/ February 6, 2014
10 Alternative iOS 7 Design Concepts

10 Alternative iOS 7 Design Concepts

Since the launch of iOS 7, there has been a barrage of feedback - both negative and positive. Much of the criticism was based around the overall iOS 7 design, this has spurred a rather interesting reaction from some designers...

/ October 21, 2013
Design Inspiration: A Look Into iOS7 Icon Designs

Design Inspiration: A Look Into iOS7 Icon Designs

Love it or hate it, the initial iOS7 release is out and causing quite the stir. Regardless of opinions relating to the design, functionality and direction of iOS7 there is some rather eye catching iOS7 icon design work going on...

/ September 26, 2013
A Showcase Of iPhone App Landing Page Designs

A Showcase Of iPhone App Landing Page Designs

iPhone & iPad app design has come a very long way in a relatively short time, nowadays users expect a pixel perfect, polished interface and smooth user experience. Transferring the iOS app branding to a web landing page to promote...

/ December 13, 2012

Objective-C iPhone App UIWebView Basics in Xcode

When working in Xcode there are many different views you can attach into your iPhone App. Most of them work within Objective-C libraries, but the UIWebView class is particularly different. This gives you have the ability to render a full...

/ November 12, 2012

15 Detailed iPhone Application Development Tutorials

Thousands of web and mobile applications were built in the past few years and the number of new apps coming out is growing everyday. Programming for most of the people looks really hard and long process and creating an application...

/ July 5, 2012

iPhone Pacman Wallpaper v2

After seeing this post on engadget regarding the pretty sweet Pacman wallpaper for iPhone by some Japanese dude, Myself and Jamie decided to tweak the colours to be more 'Pacman Like'.

/ July 6, 2010

Give Your Website A Custom iPhone Icon With/Without The Gloss Effect

What is becoming just as popular is to add a custom iPhone icon that will appear on your iPhone's Home Screen. This post will show you how to do this and how you can customise it so that it doesn't...

/ May 25, 2010

Meebo Finally Launches on iPhone With Support for Dozens of IM Networks

Mashable (first again, man these guys are good) just posted an article on the new iPhone app Meebo. For anyone else using the webtool already this app looks great and is free! Check out the post for Screenshots and a...

/ February 15, 2010

Favourite Links 3

Time again for another round of fun and exciting links! If you have any you want featuring on next weeks roundup then let me know via Twitter (via @stugreenham).

/ January 18, 2010