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Tutorial: Creating A Sticky Sidebar Using jQuery

Today, I will be showing how to create a jQuery sticky sidebar script. Now, I’m sure many of you have a question: Why can’t I just use “position:fixed”?

Well, you can, but then the element with that style will stay where it is relative to the top of the viewport.

This means, if the element you are “fixing” in place is in the center of the page, it will stay in the center of the page as you scroll down. With this script, it will stay wherever you want it to be.

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How To: Create a jQuery sticky sidebar

This tutorial will show you how to implement a jQuery floating sidebar, the sidebar will slide up and down the screen respective to which way you are scrolling, this way the sidebar always sits at the top of the window.

This is a great feature to add to your site, as it allows for the sidebar content to always be in view of the user, this is great for displaying ads or additional content.

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