Photoshop Actions: 20+ Super Handy Time Saving Effects

Photoshop Actions: 20+ Super Handy Time Saving Effects

Photoshop actions can be a serious time saving tool when editing photos. Rather then repeating laborious steps to create a photo effect, Photoshop actions allow you to create an effect in as little as one click – pretty handy when your time is valuable.

If your new to Photoshop actions, they are created from recording the steps you took to complete a task – you can then save and replay this action again without having to go back over each step of the task. Photoshop actions can be created and saved, but crucially you can import actions that others have previously created.

20 Perfect WordPress Themes For Photographers

20 Perfect WordPress Themes For Photographers

Being a photographer means you will want to have a website where you can showcase your best images. The last thing a photographer wants is a website where their photographs are drowned out by an over complex design.

When displaying your best photos and galleries your want your work to be the focus, with this in mind I have put together a collection of the latest WordPress photography themes perfect for displaying your photo’s, blog posts and company information in a way that will let your work take center stage.

10 Handy jQuery Instagram Plugins

Instagram is arguably one of the most popular photo sharing social networks, boasting over 30 million active users happily snapping away. With this in mind its only logical that users may want to display their photos on their own website.

In this post I wanted to focus on jQuery plugins that will enable you to pull in your own Instagram pictures, I have included a selection of jQuery Instagram plugins that you can use on WordPress, Drupal and if your not using a CMS I have also included jQuery plugins that you can use directly on your site.

30 Amazing Optical Illusion Pictures


The human brain is an incredibly amazing organ. It is capable of everything from complex calculations, philosophy, social interactions, and many other tasks, all while also maintaining vital functions. Without the interactions between the hemispheres in the brain, creativity would not manifest itself in humans.

However, the brain makes use of patterns and natural observances to make inferences about an object. Optical illusions take advantage of this, by tricking the brain into making an inference about the scene that is not true.

25 Best WordPress Photography Themes


If your a photographer capturing beautiful photos, you will want your website to showcase and present your images in a complimentary way. Using WordPress as your CMS will allow you to easily manage your content and give you the option to choose from a range of suitable WordPress photography themes. The photography websites templates featured all focus on the photographers work making these themes perfect for showcasing your best images. Take a look at 25 of the best WordPress photography themes I have collected.