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Photoshop Actions: 20+ Super Handy Time Saving Effects
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Photoshop Actions: 20+ Super Handy Time Saving Effects

Photoshop actions can be a serious time saving tool when editing photos. Rather then repeating laborious steps to create a photo effect, Photoshop actions allow you to create an effect in as little as one click – pretty handy when your time is valuable.

If your new to Photoshop actions, they are created from recording the steps you took to complete a task – you can then save and replay this action again without having to go back over each step of the task. Photoshop actions can be created and saved, but crucially you can import actions that others have previously created.

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15 Pixel Perfect & Free Social Media Icons

Last week I was putting the finishing touches on a new WordPress theme, I wanted to include some social icons that would be output from the theme options panel if the user entered their details. I am by no means an icon designer, so I went in search for gorgeous, pixel perfect social icons that I could use in the project.

The 15 free social icons below are part of the collection I put together, I hope you find them useful and download them to your icon collection.

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20 Free Subtle Textures for Backgrounds

Textures play big role in today’s web design world. I am talking about the subtle textures and patterns sometimes even used as minimalism attributes in web design and mostly used for website backgrounds. There are few reasons why designers are using these textures in their work. Subtle textures are popular among designers because it is a good way to add depth, detail, and give personality to website. In this compilation I would like to share with you 20 free subtle textures and patterns for using as website backgrounds. Hopefully you will find this collection useful for your future projects.

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Favourite Links 1

I am going to start a set of weekly posts that will show you my favourite links I have found, been sent or have used myself at some point. Please, if you have time to take a few minutes to help spread my posts using the share links at the bottom of the page I would be very greatful! Right heres my #1 set of links…

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