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The Designer Toolbox No. 1

The Designer Toolbox No. 1

We are very happy to announce new monthly article - The Designer Toolbox. Every month we will try to share the latest resources such as educational tools, ebooks, email tools, apps, CSS & HTML tools, websites, inspiration sources and much...

/ January 27, 2016

10 Alternative Color Palette Tools For Designers

Choosing a color scheme when designing a web or mobile app can often present a difficult challenge. The importance of selecting the right color palette must not be overlooked as it helps to set the tone and feel of your...

/ April 25, 2013
10 Best Accounting Tools For Freelancers

10 Best Accounting Tools For Freelancers

Freelancing or running a small business is fun, especially in the creative industry. Most of the time you are dealing with different clients, working on different projects and having lots of milestones and deadlines simultaneously so accounting is just adding...

/ March 21, 2013
20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

If you are going to produce a sloppy presentation of your designer’s work, think again. The market is so competitive, that a careless and slack presentation of your project might cost you a rejection. Because of a confused or just...

/ March 11, 2013
20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

20 Handy Collaboration Apps For Designers

Today there are a wide selection of collaboration apps that allow for multiple designers or large teams to collaborate efficiently on a single project. Working remotely, or working with distributed staff can cause a few headaches when trying to collaborate effectively on a project. The collaboration apps I...

/ January 24, 2013

Useful Color Combination Apps For Designers

When designing a product you have to take into consideration a lot of things including a color scheme. Colors can make or break the right image of your production. There are millions of different colors in the world so it...

/ September 6, 2012

15 Super Useful Mac Productivity Apps

Computers are, without doubt, one of the greatest benefits of modern technology. Computers have forever changed the way man has worked and the Mac has been a prime choice for most people due to its functionality and ease of use....

/ August 27, 2012

Useful Web Apps For Prototyping and Wireframing

Being able to create rapid prototypes or wireframes of web and mobile apps is crucial for improving efficiency and essentially the end product. Creating wireframes or prototypes will allow you to discuss and amend various different versions of the the...

/ August 16, 2012

20 Super Useful Browser Apps For Designers

Today I would like to share with you a collection of super useful browser apps that I find very handy and use pretty often, these browser based design apps are perfect for designers or front-end developers who are are in...

/ July 26, 2012

Essential Responsive Web Design Testing Tools

During the re-design process of DesignWoop I wanted to make it a fully responsive design (meaning it will re-size depending on the browser dimensions and orientation). I wanted to ensure the site was legible on mobiles and tablets such as...

/ April 9, 2012