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10 Websites To Find Web Design and Graphic Design Jobs

Here we handpicked ten most reliable and favorite websites to find web design and Graphic Design jobs.

/ September 29, 2016

Fifteen Free Websites to Create An Inspiring Resume

Here we picked 15 websites where you can write your resume that employers will recognise.

/ September 26, 2016

15 Essential Plugins for Sketch 3

There are many reasons why you should use and love Sketch 3. It was created four years ago, and it is the perfect tool for Android, iOS and Web design. Behind this tool stand a small team of developers and...

/ August 23, 2016

100+ Free & Outstanding Photoshop Actions

Every new project can take from few hours to months. But there are some shortcuts. Photoshop actions come to the rescue. It can help you to complete repetitive tasks quickly, like performing the same steps to achieve a particular type...

/ July 31, 2016

10 Free eBooks for Designers to Read in 2016

Today, I decided to create a short list of free ebooks that every designer need to read. If you're a designer, all these ten design books deserve a home on your shelf.

/ July 21, 2016

Tips To Increase Your Visitor to Sign Up Rate

Today, I'm going to share several straightforward and easy tips how to convert your visitors to become customers.

/ July 10, 2016
10 Useful Techniques To Make Your Site Stand Out

10 Useful Techniques To Make Your Site Stand Out

Gone are the days when having a website would be sufficient, now you have to not just make a website, but make an awesome one that has an upper hand over your competitors’ sites. But there are only so many...

/ May 11, 2016
20 Useful Tools For Entrepreneurs & Startups in 2016

20 Useful Tools For Entrepreneurs & Startups in 2016

Today I've decided to make a list of 20 tools for startups in 2016. It will help you with social media, tasks, productivity, customer support and much more. If I've missed any tools, please share it in the comment section.

/ May 9, 2016

5 UI Design Lessons I Learned From Casino Websites

Before creating an attractive interface for your website you need to do a research. How to attract users and make it feel like home. Casino website is one of the best places to learn that kind of things. The main...

/ April 30, 2016
15 Tools to Build your Blog Empire

15 Tools to Build your Blog Empire

Today I'm going to share with you 15 tools to build your blog empire. I have personally used at least 80% of the tools mentioned below, and the remaining 20% are suggested by the best bloggers around the web.

/ April 8, 2016