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5 UI Design Lessons I Learned From Casino Websites

Before creating an attractive interface for your website you need to do a research. How to attract users and make it feel like home. Casino website is one of the best places to learn that kind of things.

The main goal of casino website is to helping users reach their goals and generating actions towards business goals. That’s what we need! Today I will share 5 user interface design lessons I learned from casino websites.

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15 Incredibly Useful Tools To Increase Your Poductivity
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15 Incredibly Useful Tools To Increase Your Productivity

If you’re starting a business, new project or even a daily task, you will want to find useful productivity tools to manage all tasks easier and faster. During past few years of freelancing I’ve tried many tools. Some of them were to save time, some of them were to find a shortcut and others were to create good habits all of which helped me increase my productivity.

Today I’m giving my list of the best 15 tools to Increase productivity use of your brief time and create good habits.

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