23 Perfectly Minimal Portfolio Themes

23 Perfectly Minimal Portfolio Themes

How often do you need to update your portfolio website? Perhaps every couple of years or more? Although it may not be something all too common, there are lots of designers who wish to update their design style in a consistent manner. This requires tact, skill, patience, and quite a bit of free time.

Unfortunately not everyone has this kind of free time for designing custom portfolio layouts. To remedy this situation I’ve collected a series of 23 minimalist portfolio websites meant for any freelancer or studio. Whatever your creative field be it writing, web design, fine art, performance, or music, these portfolios are excellent for showcasing your work. If you need a fresh redesign or just wish to launch a crisp new portfolio, then one of these WordPress themes is certain to sweep you off your feet.

14 WordPress Themes Perfect For Pixel Lovers

14 WordPress Themes Perfect For Pixel Lovers

Not all WordPress themes focus on bloated, crazy theme options. Some theme shops and individual developers have a great focus on pixel perfect design, combined with great functionality which results in a great experience for the user.

I put together a little collection of 14 recently discovered WordPress themes that I think are utterly pleasing on the eye. Take a look and bookmark them for a future project.

35 New WordPress Themes Perfect For Photographers

35 New WordPress Themes Perfect For Photographers

You do not need to be well versed in WordPress or be a software developer to create your WordPress powered portfolio site. A majority of WordPress powered themes nowadays allow you to quickly build, customise and manage your portfolio and blog items all without needing to touch a line of code.

Today I wanted to get together a great collection of the latest photography focused themes. When selecting these themes I specifically looked for a clear, well structured design with a strong focus on how the images are presented on both web and mobile screens.

Build Your Portfolio With A Grid Based WordPress Theme

25 Grid Based WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress provides you with super easy way to mange your blog posts, pages and uploaded media items. There are also loads of fantastic themes available that you can quickly upload and configure to create an elegant portfolio, powered by WordPress.

Today I have collected some really nice grid based WordPress themes, which provide you with a great framework from which to build a portfolio.

[Closed]New Year Giveaway: Win Two WordPress Themes From ThemeJug

New Year Giveaway: Win Two WordPress Themes From ThemeJug

For many, the beginning of the new year year will involve many new website projects, likely both personal and commercial. With this in mind I wanted to share with you an awesome little resource to help get you on your way.

The WordPress theme shop ThemeJug have offered one lucky winner the opportunity to get their hands on any two WordPress themes of their choice.