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How To Create Your Own Clean And Minimal WordPress Theme

In this tutorial you can watch as I walk you through exactly how to easily build your own WordPress Theme. This is the final post in the three part WordPress tutorial series, detailing how to create your own WordPress theme....

/ February 27, 2011

Best Of: Premium WordPress Themes From February 2011

Last month I bought to you a selection of premium WordPress themes from January, as the end of February is fast approaching here is a great selection of premium WordPress themes. The themes are mostly news blogs, but I have...

/ February 23, 2011

Create a Clean and Minimal WordPress Theme with HTML/CSS

I am currently in the process of creating a clean and minimal WordPress theme, in my first post I provided you with a walk through on process of the design. In this post you can follow me convert the final...

/ February 16, 2011

How To Design A Clean And Minimal WordPress Theme

This is the first post of a three part series, in which I will walk you through the three key stages of creating your own unique WordPress Theme. In this post I will be creating the design for the WordPress...

/ February 5, 2011

Best Of: Premium WordPress Themes From January 2011

WordPress is a very flexible and diverse CMS, it is used by millions of bloggers around the world as a platform for their website. WordPress comes with a standard theme by default and there are many free themes that are...

/ January 26, 2011

How to: Display Random Posts in WordPress Without a Plugin

There are many plugins available that allow WordPress users to add customized lists of posts in WordPress, however its really easy to do this with a few simple lines of code. Doing this eliminates the excessive use of WordPress plugins....

/ January 13, 2011

Integrating Lessn with WordPress to Create Future Proof Short URL’s

It seem's like everyone is using these days, and until about a week ago, I was too! One problem is that all these links were creating are relying on Mr hanging around. Okay okay, its unlikely that the...

/ April 25, 2010

Favourite Links 4

Week 4 is up and here are my favourite posts/links/freebies of the last 7 days. There are not much this week unfortunately I will make up for this next week!

/ February 1, 2010

How To: Move WordPress to a new Domain!

For about roughly a year now I have been considering moving away from to either 1) a new funky domain name, or 2) and yesterday in a wild move I took the plunge! Luckily things all went smoothly...

/ November 27, 2009

(Nerd)Press Theme Released

This post is long overdue I know, but I thought I would share the latest goings on in the land of (Nerd)Press, which is that version 1.0 is officially released onto the web for all you WordPress fans to download...

/ April 26, 2009