30 Eye-Catching Website Templates using Twitter Bootstrap

30 Eye-Catching Website Templates using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap has been around for a few years gaining a lot of momentum. Designers love the simple interface along with the many pre-built JS components. Bootstrap allows any designer to focus on the semantics, without worrying about page resets or rebuilding HTML structure. Bootstrap is naturally responsive with options to create fixed-width layouts, too.

This gallery includes 30 brilliant website templates created using Twitter Bootstrap. Many are free to download while others can be purchased from premium marketplaces. Bootstrap themes are much cheaper than CMS themes because there is no backend. Yet even the free examples are great learning tools.

20 Stunning App Icon Designs


I’ve been a fan of icon design for years. Much like how a logo represents the tone and personality of a company, an icon represents a program or app. Both make use of a tiny canvas size and often have a lot to say with little space to say it.

Ever since iPhone apps started picking up traction, icon design has improved more and more. With time, designers and developers have been able to practice creating a beautiful, stylish and slick icon that suits the device it’s on, and looks great at high resolution and when it’s a tiny icon on a home screen.

It’s important to mention that it’s remarkably challenging to create an icon that looks good – it can take an extraordinary amount of work and skill to create something that looks simple, and the more complex a design, the more talent is required.

Build Your Portfolio With A Grid Based WordPress Theme

25 Grid Based WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress provides you with super easy way to mange your blog posts, pages and uploaded media items. There are also loads of fantastic themes available that you can quickly upload and configure to create an elegant portfolio, powered by WordPress.

Today I have collected some really nice grid based WordPress themes, which provide you with a great framework from which to build a portfolio.

Design Freebies For Creative Minds: Jan 2014

Design Freebies For Creative Minds: Jan 2013

This is the first in the series of the monthly design and development freebie collection. I have some super resources in this months collection ranging from HTML templates, PSD files, a Ghost CMS template and a couple of free fonts. The Readium Ghost theme looks fantastic, it is my personal favorite in the collection and unbelievably it is free, kudos to Sven Read and his team.

25 CSS3 Code Snippets for Making 3D Animated Effects

25 CSS3 Code Snippets for Making 3D Animated Effects

Web developers have been immersing themselves into CSS3-based designs. Transition animations along with CSS keyframes have opened the door to many possibilities. 3D animation was never optimal outside of Flash-based websites. However the further advancements in JavaScript along with CSS3 have created a new code toolbox for web designers.

I’ve put together a number of fantastic open source code samples using 3D animation effects. Many rely solely on CSS3 while others are a mix of CSS and JavaScript. Keep in mind that people using older web browsers may not be able to fully appreciate your 3D animations. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the practice! As more people upgrade to newer browsers there will be greater support in the years to come.

10 Useful jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

10 Useful jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

For a recent project I was looking a jQuery image gallery that could overflow hidden gallery items and display them horizontally outside a grid container.

I found exactly what I was looking for and settled on using the jQuery plugin created by @basilio called responsiveCarousel.

I thought I would share with you the other handy jQuery image gallery plugins that I stumbled upon and bookmarked for future reference.

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

The time spent building a new web project can be greatly reduced if you choose to use a prebuilt HTML5/CSS framework.

A front-end framework can provide you with tons of prebuilt web elements such as responsive grids, JS sliders, complex menus, model windows, icon fonts – pretty much everything you may need to get your website up and running fast.

Here are ten useful, time saving web design frameworks that you should bookmark for future use in your projects.