Freebies For Designers Week No. 1

Freebies For Designers Week No. 1

Freebies for designers is a series where we regularly post some great, super useful freebies on a weekly basis. In our weekly collection we will be sharing all types of stuff including mockups, templates, icons and much more. Here is a collection of 15 freebies for this week.

Inspiration: Typography Use In Business Card Design

Inspiration: Typography Use In Business Card Design

I love looking over a good, well printed set of business cards. Its something that always makes me super envious, some of my favourite business card  printing techniques are the combination of letterpressing and edge painting onto a thick stock.

Today I wanted to put a focus on the use of typography work used on these collected business cards, some of my favourites in this collection is the Solis card and the Jake Brandford card, which uses a minimal monogram.

Inspiration: A Collection Vintage Business Card Designs


Today I wanted to share with you a little inspiration piece that is focused on the use of vintage design within the business card niche.

Using the vintage design style can work great on business card designs as the combination of classic vintage typography, dirty textures and geometric patterns can really help create a unique business card that is reminiscent of the design of a bygone era.

30 Cool Thick Edge Painted Business Cards

30 Cool Thick Edge Painted Business Cards

Business cards are your front face to your business contacts. Whether they are clients or prospects, the more memorable your business card is the more they will remember you when it comes time for business. Smart observations such as this have led to many modern tricks for designers to add value to their clients’ business […]

10 Useful Business Card Mockup Templates

10 Useful Business Card Mockup Templates

Business cards are an essential part of your businesses branding, your cards do not have to be ultra boring – take a look at our past business card inspiration fixes to see just what is possible.

These business card PSD templates will either allow you provide your client with the closest possible example of what their will look like after the print run or hopefully assist you with creating a decent set of business cards for your own brand.

15 Gorgeous Embossed Business Cards


For the past year, each month I have been collecting and showcasing awesome creative business card designs and prints. As we are now heading into the last month of the year I thought I would finish of with some pretty sweet embossed business cards.

There are plenty of printing techniques you can use on your business cards, but just incase you did knot know – the term embossing refers to making a certain area of the card raise to stand out. Check out the full yearly business card archive.

A Showcase Of Superb Minimal Business Cards


In this months business card showcase I wanted to bring you a collection of absolutely beautiful minimal business card designs. These business cards rely heavily on strong type, subtle print techniques such as letterpressing and of course are totally fluff free.

One of my favorite business cards featured is the ‘Has Bean Coffee’ card, I love the combination of simple, strong type and color selection, these features always make me want to get my own cards printed up!

Unconventional Business Cards: A Die Cut Special


Using the die-cut print technique allows you to create some creative and very unique business card shapes and cut-outs. In this post I wanted to bring you a die-cut special, focusing on weird, wacky and unique business card shapes, designs and uses.

A business card design that really stands out to me in this post is the Sheetseat card, its unique design and crazy die-cut allows it to double up as a chair which also perfectly represents the company business model and brand.

Showcasing: 20 Aesthetical Business Cards From August 2012


If your a regular DesignWoop reader you will know that at the end of each month I feature a fresh set of business cards that I collected over the course of that month. By doing this each month I have provided you with a pretty comprehensive collection of business card designs that are hopefully inspirational to you. I know each time I look over the business cards I always want to get my hands on some fresh new edge painted letterpress cards!

This month I have pretty diverse mix of business card designs and card printing techniques, as usual my favorite business cards are the ones using a combination of thick stock and edge painting – finished with gorgeous typography. Drop me a comment and let me know which business cards you like and why.