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30 Cool Thick Edge Painted Business Cards

30 Cool Thick Edge Painted Business Cards

Business cards are your front face to your business contacts. Whether they are clients or prospects, the more memorable your business card is the more they will remember you when it comes time for business. Smart observations such as this...

/ March 28, 2013
10 Useful Business Card Mockup Templates

10 Useful Business Card Mockup Templates

Business cards are an essential part of your businesses branding, your cards do not have to be ultra boring - take a look at our past business card inspiration fixes to see just what is possible. These business card PSD...

/ February 21, 2013
Best Business Cards 2012

Best Business Cards 2012

In the last business card design inspiration post for the year, I wanted to bring you the best business cards of 2012. Hopefully this post will serve you well should you need some card design inspiration for the coming year...

/ December 20, 2012

15 Gorgeous Embossed Business Cards

For the past year, each month I have been collecting and showcasing awesome creative business card designs and prints. As we are now heading into the last month of the year I thought I would finish of with some pretty...

/ November 29, 2012

A Showcase Of Superb Minimal Business Cards

In this months business card showcase I wanted to bring you a collection of absolutely beautiful minimal business card designs. These business cards rely heavily on strong type, subtle print techniques such as letterpressing and of course are totally fluff...

/ October 25, 2012

Unconventional Business Cards: A Die Cut Special

Using the die-cut print technique allows you to create some creative and very unique business card shapes and cut-outs. In this post I wanted to bring you a die-cut special, focusing on weird, wacky and unique business card shapes, designs...

/ September 27, 2012

Showcasing: 20 Aesthetical Business Cards From August 2012

If your a regular DesignWoop reader you will know that at the end of each month I feature a fresh set of business cards that I collected over the course of that month. By doing this each month I have...

/ August 30, 2012

Creative & Stylish Business Card Designs: July 2012

As part of the on going monthly business card collection today I can at last show you some of the pretty sweet creative business cards collected from July 2012. As usual there is a collection of different print and design...

/ July 30, 2012

19 Creative Business Card Designs From June 2012

The June 2012 issue of the monthly business card collection features some awesome and varying business card printing techniques and some very unique card designs. One of my favorite designs this month is the Freeman LLC business card, the deep...

/ June 28, 2012

Business Card Inspiration: May 2012

May 2012 has seen some really creative and unique printed business cards submitted to the gallery, I love the Florent & Audrey business cards with the deep letterpress on the thick 500gsm stock. Check these latest submissions out and leave...

/ May 28, 2012