25 CSS3 Code Snippets for Making 3D Animated Effects

25 CSS3 Code Snippets for Making 3D Animated Effects

Web developers have been immersing themselves into CSS3-based designs. Transition animations along with CSS keyframes have opened the door to many possibilities. 3D animation was never optimal outside of Flash-based websites. However the further advancements in JavaScript along with CSS3 have created a new code toolbox for web designers.

I’ve put together a number of fantastic open source code samples using 3D animation effects. Many rely solely on CSS3 while others are a mix of CSS and JavaScript. Keep in mind that people using older web browsers may not be able to fully appreciate your 3D animations. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the practice! As more people upgrade to newer browsers there will be greater support in the years to come.

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

The time spent building a new web project can be greatly reduced if you choose to use a prebuilt HTML5/CSS framework.

A front-end framework can provide you with tons of prebuilt web elements such as responsive grids, JS sliders, complex menus, model windows, icon fonts – pretty much everything you may need to get your website up and running fast.

Here are ten useful, time saving web design frameworks that you should bookmark for future use in your projects.

25 Best Tutorials for Building a Custom Portfolio Website

25 Best Tutorials for Building a Custom Portfolio Website

Web development tutorials often cater towards beginner starting topics. However there are plenty of intermediate-to-advanced level tutorials focused on complex development techniques. Even people with years of practice may one day look towards an online tutorial to educate themselves on an unfamiliar topic.

In this gallery I’ve put together a handful of brilliant tutorials related to designing and coding a personal portfolio. You can find help on HTML/CSS, jQuery, and Photoshop design mockups. Some articles will be pretty simple while others get into the more nitty-gritty details. Take a look over these headlines and see if there’s anything you may want to learn about.

30 Open Source CSS3 Code Samples for Web Developers

30 Open Source CSS3 Code Samples for Web Developers

Open source web development has seen a tremendous explosion in popularity. You can download free code snippets, plugins, WordPress themes, and the list is always growing. I have been infatuated with the amazing effects possible in CSS3 and some related JavaScript libraries.

In this gallery I want to share 30 powerfull frontend code snippets for web developers. Some of these effects are built entirely with CSS, and others utilize jQuery or some other JavaScript techniques. You can download a local copy of any script or try duplicating the effect into your next project. And if you know about any other fun code snippets, just drop a comment in the post discussion area.

Tutorial: How To Build Input Fields with Tag-Style Item Blocks


Many newer social media communities and web applications are pushing the boundaries of interface design. Form inputs have changed a lot over just the past 4-5 years. One such feature is the tag select input field, where users can enter tags which appear as block items within the field itself.

For this tutorial I want to demonstrate how we can build this effect to be used in any website. To save time I’ll be using the jQuery Tags Input Plugin which is free and open source to use on any project. I prefer this plugin over some others because of the many parameters and options for customizing the experience. Take a peek at my live demo to see what we will be creating.

CSS3 Animated Image Slideshows with Flux Slider

CSS3 Animated Image Slideshows with Flux Slider

There are so many JavaScript image slideshow plugins out on the Internet, it can be difficult pinpointing what you need. Developers who are not looking to start from scratch often search the web targeting the perfect solution. And although each technique has its drawbacks, the wide assortment of choices will offer plenty of rewards and something to fit your layout.

In this tutorial I want to focus on using a library called Flux Slider which was created by Joe Lambert. This image slideshow plugin is unique in that it defaults to using CSS3 transitions with JavaScript-controlled alternatives. All modern CSS3-compliant browsers will support the native features which can be set using jQuery or Zepto.js as the core library. Catch a glimpse of the demo we are building in my live example below.

How To Customize Your CSS Buttons With Pictogram Icons


Looking back 5 or 10 years ago the process of designing website buttons was very tedious. CSS could handle a lot of the outer edges, but gradient backgrounds and icons required static images. And these newer design trends are still at the cusp of innovation. This means you will find plenty of modern websites still using images in place of CSS3 effects.

I want to focus this tutorial on the power of CSS3 icon fonts for designing user interfaces. We will be creating some generic CSS3 buttons with added icons for design aesthetics. However the icons will not be loaded from static images or sprite sheets. Instead we will be using the Entypo icons font for generating pictograms inside your website layout.

A Guide To Retina Graphics For Your WordPress Theme

A Guide To Retina Graphics Your WordPress Theme

With the release of the retina screen by Apple it would seem the future is a very high resolution one, with more and more users slowly using a retina or high resolution device to browse the web on it would seem the retina device is the future. With this in mind, its pretty important to understand how to create retina graphics and how to implement them on your WordPress site.

In this article I am focusing on the use of retina graphics within your WordPress website.

15 Thorough & New CSS3 Tutorials


For today I have selected 15 fresh and useful CSS3 tutorials for your next project. CSS3 and HTML5 are the topics that you see and hear everyday and I think it is the right time to start diving into it. While there is no freedom in expressing our ideas in CSS3 prior to weak support in major browsers we want to be the first ones when it is fully supported right? Besides chasing the trends you will gain valuable experience in CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery which will help you to solve your problems in your projects.

In this compilation you will find only newest CSS3 tutorials on creating amazing transition effects, slideshows, navigation menus and much more.