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15 Free and Minimalistic Fonts To Use On Your Next Project

Here is a list of 15 free and minimalistic fonts you can use on your next project. Enjoy!

/ August 31, 2017

25 Themes to Start Your WordPress Blog in 2016

Blogging has enormously evolved in the last decade. Almost everyone now has a portfolio or personal website. And most of them are using WordPress. WordPress is definitely a leader in the digital publishing scene around the web. Also, it's one...

/ March 10, 2016

20 Beautiful Slab Serif Fonts for Headlines

Slab Serif fonts are becoming more and more popular among designers and artists in web and print spheres. These are perfect fonts for headlines due to their size and style. By using slab serif fonts you will easily create contrast...

/ December 15, 2011

29 Beautiful Fonts For Designers

Using the correct typeface for your design project is absolutely crucial in conveying the message and feel of the overall design, it is necessary to keep an awesome collection of both paid and free fonts in your font collection to...

/ November 14, 2011

20 Free Fonts For Beautiful Headline Typography

I am always on the look out for new good quality free fonts, when I find a font I like I always download it and save it for future projects. I have added 20 of the most recent free fonts...

/ September 26, 2011

A Collection of 400+ Free Fonts

Typography is an integral part of any design and getting it right can take your design from good to great. Finding the right font is the tricky part and can often take up a lot of your whilst you test...

/ February 22, 2010

5 Reason’s to work directly from your Dropbox account

Dropbox, the must have app for 2009! Right? Well for most of us with a brain it was and my god it's a life saver! For anyone who hasn't heard of Dropbox yet, in a nutshell, its a piece of...

/ January 5, 2010