Design Freebies For Creatives: February 2014

Design Freebies For Creatives: February 2014

This is the second instalment of the ongoing DesignWoop freebies series, a monthly design and development freebie collection.

The free design goodies included in this months round-up feature some quality PSD templates, coded HTML templates, backgrounds and some super nice fonts. The free typeface called ‘Adam’ really caught my eye and was rather quickly download into my font library.

Design Freebies For Creative Minds: Jan 2014

Design Freebies For Creative Minds: Jan 2013

This is the first in the series of the monthly design and development freebie collection. I have some super resources in this months collection ranging from HTML templates, PSD files, a Ghost CMS template and a couple of free fonts. The Readium Ghost theme looks fantastic, it is my personal favorite in the collection and unbelievably it is free, kudos to Sven Read and his team.

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

The time spent building a new web project can be greatly reduced if you choose to use a prebuilt HTML5/CSS framework.

A front-end framework can provide you with tons of prebuilt web elements such as responsive grids, JS sliders, complex menus, model windows, icon fonts – pretty much everything you may need to get your website up and running fast.

Here are ten useful, time saving web design frameworks that you should bookmark for future use in your projects.

CSS3 Animated Image Slideshows with Flux Slider

CSS3 Animated Image Slideshows with Flux Slider

There are so many JavaScript image slideshow plugins out on the Internet, it can be difficult pinpointing what you need. Developers who are not looking to start from scratch often search the web targeting the perfect solution. And although each technique has its drawbacks, the wide assortment of choices will offer plenty of rewards and something to fit your layout.

In this tutorial I want to focus on using a library called Flux Slider which was created by Joe Lambert. This image slideshow plugin is unique in that it defaults to using CSS3 transitions with JavaScript-controlled alternatives. All modern CSS3-compliant browsers will support the native features which can be set using jQuery or Zepto.js as the core library. Catch a glimpse of the demo we are building in my live example below.

How To Customize Your CSS Buttons With Pictogram Icons


Looking back 5 or 10 years ago the process of designing website buttons was very tedious. CSS could handle a lot of the outer edges, but gradient backgrounds and icons required static images. And these newer design trends are still at the cusp of innovation. This means you will find plenty of modern websites still using images in place of CSS3 effects.

I want to focus this tutorial on the power of CSS3 icon fonts for designing user interfaces. We will be creating some generic CSS3 buttons with added icons for design aesthetics. However the icons will not be loaded from static images or sprite sheets. Instead we will be using the Entypo icons font for generating pictograms inside your website layout.

HTML5 Pre/Code Syntax Highlighting with JavaScript

HTML5 pre Code Syntax Highlighting with JavaScript

Performing a quick search in Google will yield a number of helpful JavaScript libraries for styling source code. Blogs and websites focused on frontend and backend development will frequently need to publish articles which use direct source code in the page. Basic monospaced fonts are not always enough, and with dynamic syntax highlighting it is […]