30 Great Examples of App Sliding Navigation Menus

30 Great Examples of App Sliding Navigation Menus

Many people think that design is everything, but they are wrong. We all know that design sells, but it’s not the main part why people are using the app or website.

Beautifully designed navigation menus are the keystone of a smooth, intuitive app experience that gets you the content and information that you need exactly when and where you need it.

Today I want to inspire you and I’m sharing 30 great examples of app sliding navigation menus.

25 Sliding Hamburger Menus for App UI Inspiration

25 Sliding Hamburger Menus for App UI Inspiration

Smartphone mobile apps have taken the design world by storm. Even most web designers have taken a liking to app design by learning the common dimensions and interface elements of Android and iOS devices. One such example is the sliding drawer menu, also putatively called the hamburger navigation.

While these sliding nav menus are not perfect for every situation, they do provide an exceptional solution for applications with a lot of content. In this gallery I’ve put together 25 examples of stunning hamburger-style menus of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re designing a new application or just trying to understand the creative process these examples will prove to be quite inspirational.

Fat Fingers: A Look Into Responsive Navigation Trends

Fat Fingers: A Look Into Responsive Navigation Trends

Often when browsing a website on my iPhone I am impatiently zooming in and out trying to make use of their standard non responsive menu, this often leads to some clumsy fat fingered iPhone stabbing which only results in me being taken to the wrong page anyway.

When creating your website, in a majority of instances you would take the decision to make it responsive on all screen sizes so the website still provides a great user experience, no matter if the user is on an iPhone or a small tablet device.

A decision you need to consider in the early concept stages is how best to present your website menu structure to your user. Depending on the menu size and hierarchy will influence how you decide to present your responsive menu.

Today I wanted to take a look at a couple of different ways responsive websites are presenting their menu structures to mobile and tablet users, helping in the fight against fat fingered navigation errors.

Unusual & Unique Examples Of Website Navigation


Website navigation is one of the most important web usability aspects so you should take this into consideration creating clear and intuitive website navigation design. People coming to your website usually have some web experience and they expect to find simple navigation which should be clean and straightforward for user to find things he wants fast. Otherwise your visitor will get stuck and will leave your website unhappy and with bad experience of your website and possibly brand.

In this post I would like to introduce you unusual and unique examples of website navigation. Although it is really hard to use unusual navigation and achieve its main goal you definitely should give a try with your personal project, blog or portfolio in order to stand out from the crowd and give your visitors the possibility to experience the new level of navigation.

In this post you will see some original and unique navigation design ideas implemented into real websites. Creative and beautiful but is it worth that? Leave your thoughts in comments section below the post.